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In the words of Austin Horn

Posted Aug 09 2010 12:00am
"It hurts so good"

After nearly 4 weeks of being unable to work hard from various reasons like taper/recover/illness etc etc. I am really embracing my ability to give'er!! I started feeling better last tuesday and got straight back to work! I confirmed my suspicion that I was still fit on the track last friday. 8x1km comfy at a nice pace :) i have a personal rabbit who is not too shabby at pacing (within 1 second on all 8!) I headed over to Oak bay after to watch the juniors track workout and go for a ride with them....good fun in some crazy winds! Saturday (the day we do all 3 sports outside) it poured rain all day. Great fun in an open water swim, roughin it up with the boys. Then a ride with Simon and Kyle and A-Russ...been a while since I joined up with the 'men' ! ;) it was a quicker pace than I remember! But fun fun in pouring warm rain. Yesterday was a very inspiring day. I met up with Marilyn and Katherine, 2 women that Jon coaches for marathon. I ran 80mins with them with some tempo in there....theeey ran 3hrs! With an hour at 4min, an hour at 3:45! Crazy! Makes me want to run more! 39k later they arrived in the parking lot where i was waiting munching on a donut and coffee from Tims....something about that doesnt equate...i ate donuts while they ran...nice! hahaha. We iced in the ocean after and went out for a nice breakfast. Very nice morning! (slash day!) They are such fun, down to earth girls...I was honoured to join them!

Today I had my first long ride in a while. 3:35 was the time it took to do exactly 100 hilly kilometers. :) I had 3-4hrs on the program but when i saw how close i was too 100k i decided to just go to there. It's funny because this was a regular occurrence for me last year... This year i haven't ridden that far since February! Of course it poured rain again! But I had the company of my dad for a few hours. He is crazy strong and hardly rides..not sure if I am amazed or jealous...probably both! :) I had a lot of fun!

Right I'm very motivated to put my head's crunch time! Trying to take care of the details which I am naturally not the beeessst at. ;) I have decided to race through to the end of October so I have more to look forward to! Lovin the job more than ever right now! :D Which leads me to a funny story from the ride today. After I dropped Dad off, at about 3hrs, I was riding alone in the pouring rain listening to my music when a Switchfoot song came on saying "This is your life, are you who you want to be? This is your life is it everything you dreamed that it would be" right at that lyric a garbage truck drove by and splashed me with gross smelly water, mud and bits of grass! hahaha what timing!! But thinking about's better than I dreamed it would be! haha and there is always a shower ;)

Anyway...this is a pretty boring blog! Training training...I'm having fun! Now off to the movies with my Sis! :)
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