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In My Favorite Place, Doing My Favorite Thing!

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm
I am in Mooloolaba, my favorite place in the world here for the World Cup triathlon, my favorite thing to do in the world...what could be better!? I can't think of much! I'm off to dinner in a a minute but thought i would post a quick pre race update!

I drove up yesterday...a much easier trip than last time! 16hr flight....or 1hr drive!? haha breifing was last night and today we rode in the morining in the wind and pouring rain! Not really typical queensland weather! after that we did a quick pool swim where i heard the best news yet...the swim has been changed to the river!!It was going to be in the surf which to be honest i was a tad skeptical about but it has been switched on account of big waves!!

After that we basically chilled all day and watched cllaasssics :) like Miss Congeniality and Resident Evil. Then got bored of sitting around and checked out the expo...i had interviews and a few meetings and then here we are! It actually went by pretty fast for a pre race day! now im heading over to the QAS apartments for a home cooked dinner!

In terms of the bod, im feeling pretty good..haven't tapered too much but it's not May yet so no need! just freshened up enough to hammer myself tomorrow! i can't wait! I will post monday hopefully! I cant wait to get back out there and do what i do best and what i love most! I'm gonna be smiling ear to ear (or as Andy McCarntey puts it "cheek to cheek" ) the whole way no matter how i am doing...just going to be happy to be racing!!

I hope the ITU has some live coverage so you can follow along! If not my account of the race will be up shortly. Until then...
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