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IM "long" brick and PB&J french toast

Posted Jun 15 2013 8:29pm

1. Scramble eggs w/ dallop of greek yogurt (about 1 tbsp) and add a tbsp of water to help with mixing. (I love to use greek yogurt with my eggs - it makes them fluffy).
2. Turn on pan to medium heat and saute kale in a little olive oil (~2 tsp) until slightly crispy.
3. Remove kale from pan.
4. With a little olive oil, drizzle pan for bread.
5. Dip breads into egg mixture and cook bread on one side for 2 minutes until slightly firm and then flip to cook for 1 minute. See step 10 if you want to create your french toast as eggs are cooking.
6. With a little olive oil, drizzle pan for omelet (you can use cooking spray if you just need a little).
7. Pour leftover egg mixture onto pan and sprinkle a little cheese into the egg mixture before it gets firm.
8. Flip after 2 minutes (or when eggs are firm).
9. Place kale in center of cook egg mixture (turn off heat) and place some greek yogurt on kale and then close egg  as you use spatula to remove from pan and onto your plate.
10. Smear a little nut butter on the bread as well as jam and then top with sliced bananas, red currants and a drizzle of honey.


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