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I Will Not DNF.

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:31am
Anyone else struggle through this book?

I gotta be honest. I’ve been reading it for over a month now and it’s KILLING me! I picked it up on a whim at the ol’ Walgreens a few months back after hearing so many rave reviews about the Broadway musical. For those that don’t know, “WICKED” is the ficticious back-story of how the Wicked Witch of the West became evil. She and Glinda the Good Witch were actually college roomies and friends at one point. And then something happened. Just what that “something” is remains a mystery to me. The book is 500 pages. I’m 300 pages in and I still don’t fully comprehend what the hell is going on in Munchkinland.

Part of me wants to abandon this book, quit and start one of the other multiple books I have in the pile that seem much more interesting to me at this point. I mean, it’s pretty bad when some of Shawn’s medical journals regarding femoral nerve blocks look more exciting than the outcome of poor old Elphaba.

But then, there’s that other side of me…the endurance athlete side of me. It’s the side that says, “Don’t give up. You’ve hit a temporary wall. Just keep digging and you’ll get through it. It's painful now, but you may actually enjoy it.” I mean, I WANT to finish the book. I just didn’t realize it would be this much work. One page at a time…one day at a time… Perhaps they should’ve packaged this book with Green Apple Power Gel or Lemon/Lime Endurox. (Get the green theme?…I’m a Marketing genius)

So, I’m treating this book like an Ironman. It might be slow, but I will get through it.

I’m just glad it doesn’t have cut-off times or I would’ve DNF’ed weeks ago!!

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