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I top 2006 (I don't know how it's possible)

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:31am
I resolve... never take home internet availability for granted!!

We finally have internet access in the new house and a chair to sit on while perusing the World Wide Web for hours on end. I'm starting to feel like a "normal" human being.

The bad part about now having Internet access: I will spend an inordinate amount of time looking at useless information about diet habits, dress styles, honeymoons, blogs, etc.

The good part about having internet access: I will hear about big news like Saddam's execution as it happens and won't find out two days after the fact, feeling like and "out of touch" citizen.

While I don't know how to top a year like 2006, I'm already looking forward to the events of 2007 that are on the horizon: A trip to Arizona for the National Championship football game featuring my beloved Buckeyes, a new gym membership at Castle Hill which will allow me to focus on all parts of my body that could use a little toning, a couple of smaller races this year and...oh yeah...a wedding. While I vow to keep it simple and casual, I'm already finding it frightenly easy to get caught up in the minutia of flowers, photographers, cakes, etc, when all I really want to do is order a couple of pizzas and call it a day, ya know?

I started New Year's Day off with a 9-10 mile run. Shawn and I started from our house and ran a mile to meet Thon and Amy at the Rock for a New Year's Day run around town. The morning was spectacular...clear, cool and a vibrant blue sky. The bad part? My right leg has been acting up. It almost feels like shin splints or a stress fracture on the lower portion of my leg. I can walk on it, but the run became pretty painful after the first couple of miles. It's probably a little tedonitis, so I have to stay off of it a couple of days. That means I'll be doing some aqua jogging this week. I bought an aqua jogger belt for Christmas and now it's time to put that baby to use. Hopefully, it's just a temporary ache as I'd still like to race the 3M Half Marathon in a couple of be continued later.

So, of course, we were talking about our New Year's Resolutions and I think Amy said it best. We all have visions of taking better care of ourselves and being more "present" and kind to ourselves and others. She said that the one thing she's going to do to achieve all od her goals is to simply become "more prayerful." Of course, that can mean something different to everyone. It might mean meditation for some, or Bible reading for others. It may just be ten minutes of silence and gratitude everynight. I thought it was simplistically brilliant. To become a better person, I simply have to become more prayerful.

Now that's something I can do...

Now, I just need to resolve to sit still long enough to do it!
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