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I'm sick so dreaming about working out

Posted Nov 16 2010 10:00pm
I woke up this morning with a tummy ache. The thought of coffee disgusted me, and all I could stomach was some dry cereal and a banana. It wasn't too much later that my stomach was empty, if you catch my drift. Yup, stomach flu. Then the fever of 100+ degrees hit.

Btw, I swear this illness is legit and not a result of going back on what I said in my last post about partying and drinking, aka I didn't go out again and I'm not hungover! I think Denner might think otherwise after I post he left on my FB, lol. But, maybe my body just wants to remind me what could happen if I decide to go out and drink too much. Ewww. No thanks! I prefer my health!

Anyways, I am a TOTAL BABY when it comes to being sick. Thankfully, my mom was around and willing to take care of me. She rocked it! Guess there are some perks of being single and living at home -- moms just have a knack for this stuff. However, I'm sure she was laughing in the background every time I yacked -- I'm quite the vocal barfer.

After the worst was over (I'm hoping), all I wanted was some crunchy chocolate chip cookies. So random, but they hit the spot and the five I ate are still in my tummy, so far :)

Another good sign: I now finally have enough strength to type and think coherently, so since I didn't get in the swim and run I had planned for today, I'll tell you about my awesome workout yesterday...

I'll preface it by saying working at a gym by the beach with a kick ass staff and cool clientele is the best motivation ever. Our gym is the opposite of the typical 24 Hour Fitness / mass fitness center (sorry people/employees at those gyms). SPI is like a home that's never over-crowded. Ok, enough bragging about my gym ;)

Monday workout
1. 20 min light lower-body conditioning/warmup: single-leg squats, lateral walk w band, single-leg glut bridges on the ball ( thanks D ), inverted hamstring and lunges - reverse lunge and walking lunge. with all those, the goal was perfect form/technique! bam!

2. 40 min run: started with a few drills then an out-and-back run from my gym in Laguna Beach. Weather was perfect. I'm working on my stride and learning to strike underneath my center of gravity vs. strike in front of me, and it felt foreign but went well I think (having a personal videographer would have been nice to see if I was doing what I wanted to be doing haha).

3. 20 min high intensity strength circuit: 5 rounds: 250 m row (@ 100%), 1 minute rest, deadlifts at 8-RM, 10 inverted ring row (great for lats/swimming) and 100-touch jump rope. Last round was a 500 m row. The load I chose for deadlifts is great for developing strength, hypertrophy and power, and resting a minute before allows for full recovery to better achieve those things. It's like doing running repetitions where you fully recover between each.

4. Cool down including some functional movements, yoga-ish stuff, a vanilla protein shake with almond milk and watching other people bust their asses :)

Now that's my kind of workout. The only thing I'd change (in an ideal world) is separating the aerobic conditioning (run) and strength training time-wise to allow for max recovery and gains from each. But life ain't ideal when you gotta switch modes and head to school :)

Wow.... I actually feel a little better after writing this blog. Got my mind of the flu!
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