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Posted Jun 04 2009 10:31pm

Hey everyone - guess what? I'm going to Boulder!


Of course as an endurance athlete for many a year I've read and thought a lot about Boulder. Seems to be where all the cool kids hang out. If they aren't in San Diego or Austin or some other cool place that is. So to Boulder I go! And I can't wait!

I'm going for an MAO camp, where my coach will lead us in pool workouts, cycling up some big mountains and running in some place really beautiful. It's going to be great! I've been looking forward to it for so long, and now it's finally here. AND, and - I get to meet Barb, who is a long time blog friend. I'm talking blog friends before blogs were even cool to have (we both started blogs 5+ years ago!) AND before we both became triathletes! We were runners and then both turned to triathlon and then we both got the same (awesome) coach and now we are on the same team too! AND Barb lives in Denver AND she is nice enough to pick me up at the airport and house me. I think I owe her a dinner or two at Noodles. :)

I do have one question though - is the altitude going to kill me? Like am I going to feel like I'm suffocating while swimming? (mind you, I've never been somewhere before where there is significant altitude) Please tell me the truth, I'd rather know what I'm in for. :)


I'm leaving EARLY on Friday morning and will be in Boulder by 9 am! And then the fun begins. But first, I have a whole lot of training to do tomorrow. And then there is the packing. Which includes packing of the bike. And if you've been reading this blog for a bit, you might likely know that packing isn't my strength. :)

I likely won't be able to blog from Boulder (too many other cool things to do) but of course I will have a full report when I return. So have a great rest of your week/weekend everyone!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that during our track workout this morning O handicapped himself much like I handicap myself when we are swimming together. I may be a faster swimmer and biker than him (for now) but let it be known, he is a way faster runner. So when I'm huffing and puffing away in lane one, he's pacing me...out in lane 4... :) Okay, maybe not lane 4, but close! :) Thanks O!

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