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I'm doing an IM in 5 days, and I missed doing my long run!

Posted by 81 harris streeet

Hi, I've done a couple of marathons and an ironman in the last two years, but I've managed to do my long runs for those events, usually a few 32k runs, and a lot of other 2+hr runs.  For this event I've only done a couple of 2hr runs, and a lot of 12 and 15k runs (due mainly to a broken matatarsal 20 weeks ago and not wanting to recrack the bone).  I'm confident I can just struggle through the marathon, but I'm a bit scared too.  Any thoughts on what I might expect, or ways to get through the additional muscle pain I'm going to experience would be appreciated. 

I love your taper week suggestions, I'm going to start ice bathing today - wonderful tips, thank you.

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I would plan on a run/walk strategy from the very beginning. You will more than likely be reduced to it by mile 20 of the run anyways, so start with it and feel good throughout your entire run. You may even feel good after mile 20 and be able to pick it up.

With 5 days to go there is nothing you can do now.

Without looking at your entire program, it's hard to say how you will fair, but if you have done an ironman and a couple of marathons in 2 years, you likely have plenty of base already, and the 2 hour runs you have done for this IM is likely plenty to get you through.

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