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I'll Take It - Scotia Bank 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Posted Jun 27 2011 1:46pm
Scotia Bank 1/2 Marathon Race Report
All things were not in alignment for me for this race. There was no pre-race blog because Friday I wasn't even sure if I was going to make the attempt at it. I went for a little 5 mile run at lunch because I haven't been able to get myself out of bed in the mornings over the last month or so and I felt like I had a brick in my chest. I decided when I came back from my little run that if it got worse I wasn't going to do the race. It didn't get worse, but I certainly didn't feel 100% on race day. I must also note (for myself), that about 7 weeks out from race day, I got OFF the plan and just decided to stay "inshape". So no speed work was done. A few - very few tempo runs were done before this race. These ARE my excuses and I'm writing themfor my reference only. I was keeping up my mileage training wise, but like I said, nothing was done with regards to actually getting "ready" for the race.

The first 3 miles felt pretty good Mile 1 - 7:17, mile 2 7:02 and mile 3 6:54. Mile 4 was a bit up hill and got me a 7:26 and I took my first gel. I normally only take 1 - 2 gels when I run a 1/2 marathon and I sip on my ONE Coconut Water every mile. This race I ended up taking 4 gels in search of energy that was no were to be found. At mile 7, I was at 50 min and thought that if I did find some energy I could potentially pull off a small PR. Not to happen for me on this day. I came in at 1:39:53 my third worst 1/2 marathon time thus far - but I'm taking it. I also managed 5 miles of the 13 under 7 min so that just shows how narley the rest of the race was!

This course is BY FAR my fav 1/2 marathon course I have run with it's beauty. The course is generally a pretty fast course, there are a few ups and downs, but overall a faster course than the other 1/2's that I have done. The scenary was breath-taking. The run goes through UBC Endowment Lands, down by Spanish banks and Jericho Beach, over Burrard street Bridge and finishing at THE FISHHOUSE Retaurant in Stanley park. So, so, so beautiful. I will definitly sign up for this one again.

Of course a HUGE thank-you to my family (my mom for sending me all of the stats to make me feel better about how I did), and to my sick husband who didn't sleep the night before and has pnemonia and still drove me down and was there at the finish with the Midget - LOVE YOU BABE! And thank you as always to ONE Cocount Water for such a superb natural product with great taste! And thank you to all of you for your FB and email msgs - so greatly appreciated!
Now - it is a minimum 10 day break for me from training. I NEED IT! Then, I'm not sure. I've been looking into some crossfit stuff to coincide with my cardio, but no real plans other than really ENJOY the Summer. We actually got a bit of a "teaser" here with the weather this past week, but looking at this weeks forecast Rain, Rain, Rain oh and a little more RAIN!

In other news - we took the Midget to see CARS 2 this weekend. He loved all of the racing in it and didn't seem to notice the guns in it. OMG - seriously Disney, I am pretty sure the movie would've been just as successful without all of the guns! Not a total fan of that!

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