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I finally have time to write a post!

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

ok so I'm a bit overdue for an entry but here I am...ready to write! The last post was a quick update from Korea..I had a rough couple days after that started with not getting 1 second of sleep the night after the race. I got to bed before 9:00 an hour that would make any coach proud! ;) I was dead tired but like every other race before this, I tossed and turned and watched the clock until 3am when i decided this is stupid and started to read....then at 4:30am I decided to go for a run...yep...I ran the course for 45 mins in the dark! Then I got all packed up and showered and headed to Gimpo Airport at 6:30. Then took a train to the other airport in Seoul and waited 7 hours with Paul. We spent a good 3 in a buffet...great place to waste time! :) then we boarded the 10 hour flight to Vancouver unable to upgrade despite my MANY efforts. I got stuck beside a rather large man who slept the entire way so I was trapped against the window. I can't sleep unless I am completely horizontal so when the lights went off and everyone went to sleep I decided to watch some TV but it didn't work. So I thought, "Ok I'll just read" the light button....light doesn't work..."ok I'll just watch something on my Ipod...oh yea...I packed that in my checked luggage....ok I guess I'll just sit here and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 10 hours...sounds good" that was fun...then i got home in victoria and headed straight to swim practice where I calculated that I had been awake for 54 that is something to be proud of! but then I slept 15 hrs straight that night! even though I was only gone 4 days I was glad to be home! It felt like I spent more time on the plane than in the Korea!

After that I got a few days of recovery and started back swimming hard on tuesday or wednesday and then did a treadmill workout on thursday...good ol' 20/20/20 set...we also did some plyometrics in the morning which made my legs a little tired... I woke up friday morning and could not move! getting into my car was a challenge...well sitting in general was difficult! I have never been so sore in my life! But we had a hard swim/bike workout in the morning and I was able to get through the workout nicely..but by saturday my legs felt like glass shattering every time i used my quads and we had a hilly effort run to do..the 5k loop at Thetis..I did one loop steady with th group holding onto Dano's shoulder on the downhills to make sure I stayed upright (he let it be known that if i went down he would just leave me there :) so when we got back and started drills and strides prepping for the hard loop Joel asked the usual "whats the word?" I avoided I contact and said "no comment" ...I really wanted to get some good work in but knew where Joel was headed... I just kept on shaking my legs out and he said "go run 30 minutes on the flat" .."but.......yea ok...good plan" was annoying to miss another workout...needless to say I won't be doing plyometrics for a few more months. 2 times in the ocean, a trip to the hot tub...epsom salt bath and like 500,000 advils legs were feeling alright! Oh and maybe the 30 mins of graston I got on monday had something to do with it ;)

I woke up sunday morning feeling pretty much back to normal! Good thing because I had a 3 hr ride with 4x9k motorpacing efforts in a group of 3. It went pretty well except for one minor incident where i messed up a corner and they took off behind the scooter at 60km/hr with me sprinting behind...needless to say... I did the last half of that loop alone. Then we went to Bubby Rose for their famous french toast and by the time i got home i only had just over an hour until my favorite workout...sunday swim! we started with the usual warm up 400/200 2x100 then we did the usual 20x50 3 on 40 1 on 50 then 4x400 descend 1-4 where I started at 4:50 and descended to 4;39...I knew i was toast after that though....we had 15x100 5x(1 on 1:30, 1 on 1:20 1 on 1:10...yea...wasn't happening... i don't think i even made 1 of the ones on 1:10! haha i was all aboard the pain ..I was the captain! But my moms sunday dinner made up for it!

This week I am looking forward to lots of solid, hard training with no niggles or extreme soreness!!!

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