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I finally have the time to write ...

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:59pm

I finally have the time to write another blog! I got tired of the old system and just bought myself some time.. I cant believe its been over 2 weeks and i race in 2 days!!! The time has gone by so fast considering we havent left the hotel for more than a couple hours a day!
Training has been going well...a lot less volume with hints of intensity.. we did a monday was easy...tuesday was a shorter swim with 8x100 mid race pace where i held 1:06's and 7's...but in a wetsuit! The pool is still freezing... then we did a run on the course later in the day with 3x 3 mins mid race pace...this run felt awesome! I found myself running near Lauren Groves which was a cool place to be! Yesterday we did an open water swim on the course and 8:00 am to simulate race day and it was FREEZING! and after we got back an downed a few hot chocolates with breakfast #2 we went for a bike ride with some short 2 min race efforts on a slight grade.. Today was an easy swim and i will go on a tour of the bike course now in a bit and then its my pre race meeting! I love pre race meetings! They're sooo exciting! All the work is done now and its just time for the show! World Championships has a different feel this year...I put it on a bit of a pedestal last year but this year i know that its just a race...its a 750m swim 20km bike and 5km run! Last year i wasn't nervous but i didn't know what to expect..this year i still don't have nerves..its not in me to get nervous! which i am very very thankful for! but i know what im getting into..i know what i have to do and and what i can do and its a lot easier going into a race like this! Plus...its going to be like 20 degrees out so i know i can finish the run!!! The only bad news out of the past couple days is that i am number 27 on the wait list for the Hamburg World Cup!!! Sooo...i am switching my flights today because i will not be getting in... :(... i was so excited for my first world cup but i can just go and then prepare for Cancun.... Ok well this will probably be the last blog until after the race! I will try to get to the computer sometime on saturday or sunday.

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