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I Feel It In My Fingers, I Feel It In My Toes

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
Well, toes - not really. Fingers - definitely.

I am finally in possession of my cycling rollers. They are so awesome, words can't describe. What's even more awesome is that I can actually ride on them.

Just as so many good folks instructed, I placed them by the wall on my right with plenty of free space on my left. I put on my helmet and prepared myself for the worst. But the worst never came. I still can't get on them without holding on to the wall, but after maybe five minutes I learned how to ride them without having to touch the wall every five seconds for balance. I'm set.

As a runner, I natually have more lower than upper body strength. The rollers exposed this weakness of mine and threw it in my face. I never had to grip the handlebars so tightly, and now my arms and fingers are so sore, it hurts to type.

Another problem I encountered was the noise. It was simply impossible to ride my mountain bike on the rollers. The MTB tires made so much noise and literally shook my entire apartment. It sounded like my apartment was being remodeled... no, worse, like we were experiencing an earthquake. So, that needed to be fixed immediately.

I went to a local bike shop and got road slicks for my mountain bike (Notice it??? My cycling lingo improving??? Impressed, no? I know, I am! Haha!). It makes a night and day difference riding outside and on the rollers. I am MUCH faster outside. And cycling inside, on the rollers, is super quiet now, so I don't feel like I am disturbing my neighbors. Score!

BUT... there is one problem... and maybe those of you who know about bicycles can help me?

After I got these new tires, it feels like I am constantly riding on bumps. The bike literally throws me back and forth, which forces me grip the handlebars even tighter. I called the shop where I got the tires and was told that it takes a few days for "things to settle in". Then I called another shop and was told that the bumps usually disappear after a couple of rides and, if the bumps are really bad or the tire is not put in correctly, this can result in a blow-out. What do you think? How much time should I give this before I go back and start complaining? I rode the bike 20 mins yesterday and some today, and absolutely nothing has changed. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

I haven't run in three days, and today I'm going out for just 35 mins of easy running. Easing back into it ;)
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