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I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately - North Park Sprint Triathlon

Posted Aug 16 2012 6:10pm
Finally, it was out of the shoes and time to throw on the running shoes to run.  I was almost two minutes down after the bike which on a trail run and a 5k was going to be almost impossible to make up.  I settled in to stay safe, go as hard as I could and try to stay with / beat the guy in front of me who seemed to not want to let me pass for the life of me on this little trail.  I'd try, he'd speed up.  Oh the men and their egos.  After what seemed like an eternity of going up and down hill I finally made a move with about half a mile to go and passed him.  He stayed RIGHT on my heels though so I had a bad feeling that a sprint finish was going to be the final word.  When we finally cleared the trees and started heading toward the finish I could feel him behind me and I tried to surge.. nothing.  O well!  I don't train much for this stuff these days!  I don't even think my legs knew what was going on for most of that race.  
 Beth ended up 8th overall with the men and I ended up 10th behind my new 28 year old friend in a blue 2XU suit.  I'll see him out there next year!!  He better be ready :)  Hahaha!  It was such a great day and wonderful to see so many of our local tri community out and competing hard.  We all have a great respect for each other and no matter the age, there are a lot of hard core athletes in this Pittsburgh community and it is really something!! 
 Beth took home the win with me, Heather and Mimi in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!  Hats off ladies!!  You all did so well!!  
 Afterward I got to do a lot of socializing (which I love) and I saw plenty of my YMCA friends since that is who put on this race.  Cathy is just one of those people that always puts things in perspective for me.  She and I get ready together sometimes in the morning (back when I did the day-job thing!) and we would chat.  Previously she was a smoking, non-exercising, not such a great healthy eater in her old life.  These days she's working out, sometimes twice a day, eating healthier (after working with yours truly) and quit smoking!  It's so great to see her losing weight and she's been doing some 5k's trying to improve her time.  Talk about turning your life around.  It just goes to show you..

Yep, I agree.  Thanks for everyone who came out and volunteered for this race, cheered and helped to make it possible.  Thanks to my coach Jesse from QT2 who forces me out of my aerobic comfort zone and who helps me see improvement on a weekly basis!!  Finally, thanks to all my sponsors, Top Gear Bicycle, Powerbar, BlueSeventy, Newton and to my charity partner Ballou Skies.  You all are a part of my team and I am thankful to be a part of yours.  I could never do this without you!!

Don't forget!!  I'd like to raise $1000 by Cedar Point (Sept 9th) for Ballou Skies.  I have $100 to start with in the kitty!  Please help if you can by  DONATING HERE  and putting my name in the form!  Thank you in advance for your help in reaching this important goal!!!

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