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I don't have a clever title....

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:54pm
So I was just thinking how great I've been feeling over the last 2 weeks. Which, is in fact a HUGE improvement of how crappy I was feeling the 2 weeks before that. Seems like it's all just falling into place. Which is good, cause frankly the way this training started and went for the first couple months with my stupid IT band, I was a little bit worried...

This was my bulk swim week. 3 sets broken up to 6000yards, 4400 yards & 3800 yards. Actually, Wed was supposed to be the 3800 but I felt so good I just did the 4400 so today i could do the 38. Which So did not happen. The first 500 easy warmup I knew I was in trouble. My arms wouldn't loosen up. They felt like they had bricks attached to my shoulders....

Which, is kinda funny cause there was a high school swim team having their first swim practice at the same time and they were HOLDING bricks while they did kick drills for like EVER... I mean seriously, it had to have been like 10 or so mins they were doing this. And I thought :30 of vertical kicking was hard.. HA

Anyway - I did all of the masters workout which was 3000yards, vs my 3800 planned, but there really was no point to do the extra. It was sloppy and slow and just not worth it!

So, I got mini-me all decked out again. Put her HED 3's on to ride with them tomorrow. I'm hoping they just make pedalling a little easier cause I've made pretty much all my workouts this week and I'm a wee bit tired right now ;-)

Tomorrow we are doing 6:10/:30 brick. I suppose I should actually do the brick.. I've missed a few, due to well.. cause I just didn't want to do them ;-) It's gonna be hot. I think low of 70 & high of 102... so by the time I get to run it will be about 95. Damn. My pool's gonna feel good at the end of that.

We're starting at 5:30 am, so hopefully we'll have at least a couple hours before it's too hot. Wonder if HE'll actually show??? I did let him know it would be his job to pull this week. We'll see....

So, I know everyone is starting to freak out right about now, right? Prolly already making their lists of stuff to bring, stuff to pack, etc... Well, not me. I'm kinda last minute. I hate packing MORE than anything and it takes me absolutely FOREVER... so I'm just not thinking about it.

HOWEVA... the one thing I still haven't figured out is my outfit. And people. When you aren't super speedy, I tell you. It.IS. ALLLLL.ABout.THE.GEAR!.... For reals. Must match, must look cute. And for me, must represent.

Thing is. Not knowing the weather yet, I can't seem to figure it all out. So many OPTIONS. But, you're gonna have to wait(I'm sure all the guys are so worried about the same things huh?) for my next post... for that whole dilemma. Which so far has involved Melisa ordering a bunch of stuff, and me trying it all on to see if it fits (i.e.- if I can fill out the top, which has a 0% success rate thus far)...

Decisions people. Decisions.

I'll say it AGAIN. It's ALL about THE Gear!
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