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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:46pm
This morning I had a Pilates Sandwich. Yep. Pilates. The Bride is an instructor.. So, with 2 Half-Ironman triathlons this summer, I concocted a wacky plan. The studio is in Willoughby. (Harmony Yoga Studios ) The route I mapped out is 8.9 miles. I figured, I would rip off an 8.9 miler...arrive in time.. change into drier the one hour Pilates class, then put the shoes back on and run 8.9 miles back home. You know, the runs would be the slices of bread and pilates, the Meat!!! An 18 mile day..with body contortions!!! Exciting, huh!!!!!!!
Pitch black, foggy at 4:40am. Ran there with no problems. Got there 10 minutes before class. Legs a little sore because, darn, I hate concrete runs. When The Bride told the other ladies in class what I was doing, they , or course thought I was insane..
"We'll do alot of stretching after the core stuff"
"God Bless you my dear"
"It'll be hard enough"
"The story of my life"

We went thought all moves. The 100's. The rollups. The single legs stretches.. everything. The Bride threw in some nasty plank moves. Very good class. I had plenty of fluids. I had Gatorade and water and was all filled up as class ended. Kissed THE BRIDE goodbye, and took off running. It was misty, cool 7:30am ...just perfect. Legs really were feeling fine after alot of the stretching. But, I struggled on the second 8.9.. Whereas trip #1 was 1 hour 24 minutes,, trip #2 was a rumbling, stumbling 1 hour 34 minutes. Prepped the ice bath and cooled off for about 15 minutes and got ready for work. I will have one more 14-16 mile run before Half-Iron #1 at Morgantown, but on the running, I feel like I have put almost enough hay in the barn. As for biking, thats another story.

Speaking of Core work, like Pilates. The Bride found this link of some outrageous, and innovative ab work. I thought of Rocketpants in Cali who is big into Cross-fit. This might be up your alley. That guy has serious six pack abs. I still got the keg going.

Props to TriEric who is this months coverboy of Ohio Sports and Fitness magazine. Don't mess with That endurance athlete.!!!!!!
Remember my young friend, Kaleb, who will be doing Ironman France real soon at the tender age of 19. He leaves soon for the journey across the Atlantic. He has raised almost 4,000 dollars for cancer research in honor of his deceased grandpa, who succumbed to cancer about 2 years ago. His determination will get him to the finish line. He is an excellent young man.

Thanks to those who emailed ideas for using the Perfect Pushup (previous post). Tea had a good one. The perfect Pushup and the Perfect Pancake are related!!! Thanks..
Wish Monica" TryingtoTri" luck. She hammers her first triathlon in a few days.. Good Luck Monica.!!
Happy training.!!!!!
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