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Hulaman Race Report

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:18pm
I posted up a short bit the other day. This is the extended version.

Friday - 1/2 day of work, off to the airport for a day spent with the folks from Southwest Airlines. Off the ground in Austin about 1:10pm. Touchdown in ElPaso. Touchdown in Vegas. Landed in Portland some 6.5 hours later. Our super homestays...Annie and Gio...picked us up and we were off to their place. Put the bikes together and went to eat. The Lemongrass Thai restaurant in Portland...very good. We decided that if it weren't for the 8-10 months of rain, we'd move.

Saturday - Easy run around the neighborhood in the morning. Whole Foods run after. Out to the course to ride 2 loops around Hagg Lake. We also put our running gear in was a point to point bike. Another Whole Foods run b/c we forgot something. Chilled out a bit, found a pool and swam for a whopping 1k. Lifeguard asked if those of us in the pool at closing would race...he was bored. We declined.

Sunday - Up early out of the house to drive to the lake. This was a nice and small race w/ a hometown feel to it. The temp was about 49 degrees when we got out to the lake, but was going to warm-up. I racked my bike on the pro racks, put the wetsuit on and before long it was time to start.

Swim - I started well and was right on Kieren's feet. Apparently someone else wanted to be there more than me and persisted in trying to get there until we both lost them. Luke McKenzie was on his feet for a bit after that, and after the first turn buoy it was Kieren, Luke, me, and a gap to 4th. I would stay about 10 seconds down from Luke the entire rest of the swim. About 200m from the swim exit my right calf cramped up. I don't know why. But cramp it did, and I was left kind of dragging my right leg behind me wondering how I was going to run up the ramp. Run I did, and in T1 I ended up leaving right behind LukeM about 1.5 minutes or so down from Doeboy...that's Kieren's knickname.

Bike - I've been riding well. It didn't show here...I rode like a least a fairly fast girl. I caught Luke on the first hill of many around Hagg Lake. I passed him and was re-passed shortly thereafter. I maintained contact about 10-20 seconds for the rest of lap 1 and about 1/4 of lap 2. About that time Maik Twelsiak, who won IMUSA with a blistering bike split, caught and rode by me like I was standing still. He caught and passed Luke as well and seemed to take him with him. After 2.5 laps as we headed out of the park, I was informed that I was now 2 minutes down from 2nd and 3rd...not good. The rest of the ride was uneventful. A lot of headwind on the rest of the point to point couse. A BIG hill at mile 40. Finally, after a short 56 miles (52.5m to be exact'er') that felt like an eternity I was in T2 some 5 minutes down from 2nd and 3rd and probably 7 minutes down from 1st. My powerfile is pretty consistent, and isn't bad...I just didn't feel like I rode very well.

Run - I started rolling and figured 6' pace would be it since that's what my 'steady' run pacing has been lately. Miles 1 - 4 were all about 6-604. I jog/walked through the 4, 6, 8, and 10 mile stations. Oddly enough after mile 4 I started getting below 6' pace. I saw Luck and Maik on their way back, Luke looked to have about 6.5 minutes on me. Maik, probably 6 or so. Kieren only had about 3.5 minutes, but that's 30+ seconds a mile. I wouldn't need the 6.55 miles...I just needed to get to mile 10 as that's about where I passed Kieren. Finished on the track in 3rd.

Overall - 3rd place, 3:53:50 or so on a short bike course. A few garmins that I looked at showed exactly 13.1 for the run. Sub 1:18. Overall a weird but good race. The cramp was weire. The bike ride was kind of weird. Just about everything else was good...especially the luau w/ pulled pork and sticky rice at the end.

Next up IMMOO.
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