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How to Swim Faster in Open Water

Posted Sep 24 2008 11:35am

Openwaterswimmer Do you want to be a better and, more importantly, faster open water swimmer?

Swimming World magazine has you covered with a new list: 7 Essentials of Open Water Success.

These include:

1. Base Training: Getting in shape during pre- and mid-season.

2. Speed Training: Improving one's speed by focusing on up tempo swims including anaerobic training sets.

3. Distance Tolerance: Developing one's ability to swim the specific distance of one's chosen open water distance.

4. Race Specific Training: Simulating open water race conditions in the pool or acclimating the swimmer to such conditions during open water training sessions.

5. Skill Training: Teaching the fine points of open water racing techniques requires feedings, sightings, starts, turns, positioning and navigation practices during pool practices or, ideally, in the open water.

6. Open Water Acclimatization: Especially for newcomers to the sport, acclimatization is required to get swimmers familiar with the open water environment.

7. Tactical Education: Most importantly, swimmers must study and understand the dynamics of open water racing and know why and how packs get formed and why they take on certain shapes.

Check out the entire list HERE along with a great explanation of each essential training tip.

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