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How To Get Rid of Migraine Headaches Forever.

Posted Apr 29 2012 10:08pm

Migraine headaches are different than other headaches. They’re tough to get rid of, but very closely related to your nervous system activity, and specifically your autonomic nervous system response to foods and stress. Today, you’ll learn how to use these concepts to get rid of migraine headaches forever.

This morning, my wife posted this to Facebook:

Jessa Greenfield facebook

She’s been struggling with occasional migraines for the past several years, but this month, I’ve witnessed her completely eliminate migraines and “stop them in their tracks” by fixing her body’s pH levels – in other words, making her body less acidic.

So how can something like drinking green smoothies eliminate migraines?

…sometimes migraines can be caused by consumption of foods containing tyramine and histamine (such as cheeses, sauerkraut, kefir, alcohol and vinegar)…

…sometimes migraines can be caused by consumption of foods containing arginine (like nuts and chocolate)…

…but many times migraines can be caused by foods that leave a net acid load when they are metabolized by the body (such as the type of foods I talk about in today’s podcast interview with Dr. Ted Morter ), and this turned out to be the case with my wife.

In today’s audio , I talk with Dr. Morter about how your body’s acidity levels affect your health, mental and physical performance, and how doing something as simple as consuming a high amount of alkaline producing foods (such as the dark, leafy greens found in green smoothies), can reduce net acid load on the body and cause the autonomic nervous system to shut down the stress response that causes health problems like migraines.

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