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How much time should I be devoting to pool work?

Posted by Aaron G.

I just started training for my first tri 2 months ago. Right now I am putting in ~ 9-10 hours a week between cycling, swimming, running and weights. I am in Denver, so still have some time to go before tri and cycling seasons (and the time I spend in total will most certainly increase), but my question is:

when training for a tri, what kind of ratio is typical for spending time between the various elements?

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Cycling would be the biggest, then running, then swimming k wise.  The ratio depends on the distance.  I don't swim much, so limit it to about 3 x 3k swim squad sessions, and try to sneek in an open water too each week.  For IM, I still only swim this much, and ride about 300k, and run about 60k a week.  But these distances change at different points in the training program.  for my first tri which was quite small, (400m, 20k, 5k) I would do all three legs in one session three times a week (I'd swim a couple of k, ride 20k, then run 8k)  This got me through the smaller tri.  If you're doing a longer distance, think about seeing someone to put a plan in place, so you periodise your training, and have harder blocks and easier blocks of weeks to allow for recovery and strength sessions.
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