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How Does Ben Greenfield Actually Make A Living On The Internet?

Posted May 12 2013 10:09pm

Well, we already shattered the fitness paradigm and talked about sex for much of this week (specifically the “Sexy Back Summit” and my infamous  “Sexy-Time Shake Video” ).

So why don’t we just keep on breaking the rules, and talk about money too?

Here’s why: I’ve been getting lots of questions from you about how I personally make a living on the internet. And until now,  I never really realized that you were curious about that!

So what the heck…let’s talk about making money online in today’s audio interview (I realize the audio is messed up on this one. I am currently fixing). 

We’re going to start in an unconventional way.

Kevin Thompson I want to introduce you to my friend Kevin Thompson  (pictured right with his TEN KIDS), who is able to explain this stuff way better than I ever could.

As a boy, Kevin’s father always told him, “The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be”, and for much of his life, Kevin believed those words.

His father’s advice even compelled him to work for 7 years as an Alaska’s Deadliest Catch Fisherman, where Kevin put his life on the line for his paycheck…every single day.

For seven long years – that’s exactly how Kevin lived his life, and there were quite a few times when he wondered if he’d even make it through the day.

And then something crazy happened…

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