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How come it cost $175 to fly a bike yet obese travelers don't pay extra?

Posted Dec 07 2009 7:31pm
Obeseflyer This photo allegedly snapped by an American Airlines flight attendant has renewed the debate concerning obese travelers.

But what about ultra light bikes?

In an effort to maximize revenues airlines have begun to charge super-sized fees to transport bikes. It can easily cost $175 on some airlines to transport a way.

The airlines justify these fees by saying that it cost more money to handle a bike, and of course more money to transport a bike because of the added weight. The more weight, the more fuel an airplane uses, the more money it cost to fly.

So let's assume that a typical modern bike weights about 20 pounds. The bike case can weigh anywhere from 30 t0 50 that means a heavy bike and case weighs about 70 pounds.

So how much does the passenger in this photo weight?

Some Airlines like United say they charge double for obese passengers, but who really makes that call and who really pays.

It seems painfully obvious that it is much easier for airlines to charge higher fees for "heavy and over sized bikes" in bike cases versus heavy and over sized travelers.

Just another sign of the times perhaps?

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