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Posted Jun 10 2010 9:04am

So, time to race again!

Eagleman 70.3 on Sunday. Leave tomorrow. Pack tonight. (yeah right, more like pack tomorrow morning in a fit of panic) Swim and run done today, just need to ride my bike and then gussy him up for his big weekend!

Of course I'm SUPER excited to race because I always am! I think that's been well documented in this blog. I'm especially excited to race THIS distance and to race against such great competition. With Kona qualifiers on the line, this race is usually a doozy! And I do love me a doozy! :)

PLUS it seems as if everyone in Pittsburgh does this race so it will be great to see a lot of familiar faces out on the course!

Weather predictions are that it will be HOT (and possible thunderstorms). I was expecting hot because it's usually a good 10 degrees hotter out in that part of MD vs here in Pittsburgh and if it's in the low to mid 80s here... Well, you can do the math! I also expect windy. At least that's what everyone says about this course over and over again. Flat and WINDY!

Coach and I had a good talk on Monday about the race and I'm feeling like I have a great plan! Although going in with a plan and actually sticking to the plan? Two different things. :) I promise I will behave myself!! And let me emotions take over WHEN THEY SHOULD, not at mile 10 on the bike. I can be a little over-zealous. :)


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and to all those racing - BE GREAT!

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