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Hopefully, never again…

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:39pm
So I did it. I cranked out a 17-miler on the freaking dreadmill at our club on Saturday due to the snow and ice that keeps accumulating and not leaving. We now have 14” in our yard, the temps are staying in the 20’s, and there is yet more on the way.

Saturday was long-run day and I figured if runners in the midwest and northeast can get all of their runs done on treadmills for months at a time I could get in a long one on one. But oh is it tough! Beforehand I thought about how best to get this run accomplished that let me have a bit of a break midway through, get in some speedwork, and not go insane with two-non-stop hours on the dreadmill. I broke the run into two 8.5-milers and then broke those up to be 2.5-miles at 7:30/m pace, 3.5-miles at 6:31/m pace, and 2.5-miles at 7:30/m pace. I used the water fountain and urinal between the runs and just got it done. I cranked on the iPod, focused on the snow-covered trees out the window, and let my mind go to a better place and then I was done. I felt great for having busted out 17 miles indoors but I truly hope I never have to do that again.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 17-miles in 2:01:34 @ 7:09/m pace.

Sunday we hunkered down inside all day while the ice and snow kept piling up outside. I jumped on the bike trainer for a “long ride” that included some steady-state efforts mixed with some 1-minute high speed intervals. The time flew by as opposed to two hours on the dreadmill the day before mainly because I was able to fire up the DVD player and watch The Distance of Truth which I was fascinated by. This documentary was all about the Badwater 135 Ultra-Marathon that takes place in Death Valley every July. Some people call me crazy for running marathons and for doing Ironman triathlons, but the true definition of a crazy athlete are the folks that toe the line at Badwater. You can die there. You can suffer permanent heart or kidney damage. You can destroy your feet beyond recovery. And you can go to places in your mind that not people ever go to. The race that was highlighted focused on Ferg Hawke from British Columbia and Scott Jurek from Seattle and both of them were going for the win. It was a truly amazing race and a DVD that I’ll watch again and again while on the bike trainer in the months ahead. And no, I will not ever run the Toughest Foot Race in the World which is Badwater, but I’d jump at the chance to crew for someone or be a pacer so PLEASE let me know if you ever sign up to give it a go and you need my help!
Stats for Sunday’s bike: 35-miles in 2-hours at 17.5-mph.

Thanks for stopping by…
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