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Hey Paulo, you think that stew had a lot of saturated fat??

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:24pm
Last week Paulo commented that my beef stew recipe was loaded with saturated fat. If only he had realized how timely his comment was. The beef stew may not have been the leanest meal I've ever made but it was downright anorexic compared to the feast I enjoyed on Saturday.

The occasion? My friend Greg Reynolds decided to have some people over for a barbecue and football watching on what was otherwise just another Saturday in the fall. Unbeknown to me, Greg is quite the master when it comes to grill.

He got up at 4AM to get the smoker going and start smoking two pork butts* and some racks of ribs. They were, quite simply, incredibly delicious.The pic below shows the thermometers as its hard to time these job precisely...

Here is a nice shot of the ribs:
And here is one of the butts...

before Greg pulls it apart. MMMMM pulled pork.... YUMMMMMY!!!
Greg used a kick ass dry rub and the meat was so flavorful and juicy that sauce really wasn't needed. My contribution to the party was some apple cider vinegar based coleslaw which complemented the pork nicely.

*A "butt" actually refers to the shoulder of the pig. Why it is called a butt I have no idea...
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