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Heart O' Dixie observations and other random stuff

Posted Aug 05 2010 7:36pm

So, it’s been 2 weeks since the Heart O’ Dixie race…and it would seem anti-climatic to do an “official” race report. Besides, you can read about the special uniqueness of this race here .

For this year…just a few observations:

  • How fast I race has absolutely nothing to do with whether I place. This year, I had my fastest overall time by 3 minutes (third time doing the race). My bike was my fastest ever. Yet, I was merely 5th in my age group…2 years ago, I managed a 3rd after a horrible, tantrum-filled race that was about 20 minutes slower than this year. Go figure. The bottom line, though, is I really need to get my bike speed up into the 20 mph range to truly be competitive.
  • I am completely incapable of effectively racking my bike in those wheel racks…or whatever they’re called (as opposed to the ones you rack your seat or handlebars on). They seem simple enough: place wheel in slot. After watching me struggle with that for about 2 minutes in T2, Hubby just walked over and took my bike from me (because the race is point-to-point, there are several folks in T2 with claim checks for bikes to transport to the finish line). I blame those silly racks for my sucky transition times.
  • I was almost famous. After Hubby had leaned my bike against the wall and went to retrieve my helmet and shoes, a couple of the T2 volunteers were gazing at Pinkalicious, oohing and aahing over how pretty she is. “Wow,” the said to him, “is she sponsored?” (I think they meant me, not the bike.) The man is too much of an Honest Abe. He told them no, I just had the bike custom painted. C’mon. He should have told them that I am famous and they, of course, should know who I am. But, I guess, then, he would have had to explain why I’m not fast or anything.
  • The man who sits in his front yard at the top of one of the hills is a liar. He told me (and the other runners around me) that it was the last hill and it was all downhill to the fair from there. I’ve heard and fallen for that story before. Fool me once… So, I asked him if he was telling the truth. He said he was. “The last hill,” he insisted. Okay, fool me twice…
  • Apparently, I look down a lot when I run. I’ve noticed it before; although, it’s not something I’m aware of when I’m running. It’s not as if I run into stuff all the time. But these pictures sure make me look as if I am carefully studying the ground for something…maybe that elusive 4-leaf clover?
  • Post-run massages are pretty awesome. For the first time ever, I got in line for the free post-race massage. It was a short line and moving quickly, plus we were staying for a while (waiting for results, and, then, Billy had to go and have a fainting spell ). Well, heck, I thought. Why not? While the two ladies working on my legs were not evenly matched (one was more, shall we say, aggressive?), I definitely felt better, albeit slimy, after my 5 minutes were up. I have a proper deep tissue sports massage scheduled for next week…the kind that makes me cry. I am sooo looking forward to it.
  • Next time, I’m stashing some soap in my finish line bag and availing myself of the outside showers. It’s hot at the fairgrounds and that just adds to the overall post-race grimy grossness. We were hanging out near the showers, and I was thoroughly enjoying the clean smell of soap (over the smell of sweaty athletes and livestock). A nice little shower would make me feel better and be less of a nuisance on the drive home.

Hubby hates this race. The point-to-point logistics and ending at the fairgrounds are a pain in the tookus. But I love it. So, I’ll be back next year. I still have a score to settle with that run course.

Other stuff:

  • When I was gearing up for a bike ride last weekend, I caught a glimpse of my heart rate monitor strap poking through my top, and I noticed that it’s bigger than my boobs. How sad.
  • I always swore that I would only swim in the reservoir once a year…at Heatwave. Well, I obviously swam in it for the “Big Swim” last month , and, then, I swam in it again last Saturday for some open water swim practice. I guess I’m getting used to it.
  • We are off to the beach this weekend. Nothing like the anticipation of a beach weekend to put me in a good mood. I am almost giddy. A co-worker of a friend of mine is allowing her to stay in his plush condo in Perdido Key, and she has graciously invited us to join her. I am so there.
  • Thank you, everyone who commented on my previous blog post. We are still struggling with the decision, but staying adamant. I appreciate your thoughts and support.
  • If you bought my dad’s book , please head over to the Amazon site and write a customer review. If you didn’t buy my dad’s book, yet, you are missing out on a great story!

That time again…totals.

For the week:
Swim – 3:08:15 (7900 yards) 
Bike – 5:01:41 (76.93 miles)
Run – 3:10:47 (18.12 miles)
Total: 11:20:43

For the month:
Swim – 11:29:36 (29280 yards)
Bike – 23:59:46 (417.61 miles)
Run – 13:35:47 (79.81 miles)

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