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healthy eating and lots of icing

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:54pm

The past week has been fun and I am feeling strong, its amazing what the benefits of a little rest will do after 5 big weeks. I have started another two big weeks before i will head south to get ready for the race season ahead. I will also be back to a steady job that will allow me to train and be able to make some money:)

The photo above is the my final product from Cowgirl Corbin's Power Quinoa Chili! It was awesome; even Carley who is the pickiest eater of all time even liked it tremendously. I had to trick her into eating it by telling her that there were only few vegetables, and not so many healthy ingredients in the chili. It worked and she ate a tonne of it. I followed Linsey Corbin's recipe but I used some homemade tomato sauce that my mom prepared for the base. The second photo is a picture of me icing in the lake. The ice has just left in the past few days, and the water is perfect icing condition.

This weeks training in a nut shell: Threshold swim(hard 150's), Strength ride; Fast RUN!(40mins@5:30permile, Strength swim;recovery ride,recovery run, Speed swim, bike intervals:); Swim intervals 1000m repeat with tempo trainer, high cadence work on bike; and some other goodies.

I got a ticket yesterday but more on that in a future blog post. I wasn't wearing my seat belt in the bike store parking lot and I got a ticket (not very impressed!). Tomorrow will be an outdoor brick, and Carley will be motor pacing me in her vehicle, I hope that she does not run me over. I will also be trying out my new power tap, it's pretty awesome!
Have a great weekend!
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