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Happy Off-Season!

Posted Nov 12 2012 1:37pm

Happy Off-Season!!!!!

HA!!!  What a laugh that is!

While some of you are truly enjoying an off-season eating ice cream…sipping wine….enjoying that piece of pie…..My new coach, Susan Williams, is training me like I’ve never been “off-season” trained before!

I began coaching with Susan in September.  I was coming back from a hamstring flare up so she was easing me back into working out.  We began our “dating period”.  That time where you just get to know each other.  Where she begins to figure out how dedicated I am to following a training plan and I begin to understand what my workouts say.  :-)

October came and went. Along with it a more structured type of training rather than just working out.  Long leisurely Fal bike rides and a bit of everything else thrown in.

Then came November.  Then came November and this past week!  OM Goodness!  What a week it was!  Gone are the days of working out and leisurely bike rides.  Long Gone!

Susan has upped the ante and I am hurting today!  It was all I could do to get through Masters swimming this morning without giving up.  I could not wait for it to be over! My arms could barely take another stroke! My legs could barely kick another kick.  I have that feeling of becoming stronger! You know, that one where your legs feel like balloons full of sand and you can’t wait for your rest day?  That’s where I am at today!  One more workout away from my rest day tomorrow.  Ahhhhhhh……..

I am so excited to be under Susan’s guidance.  I was telling a friend yesterday…”if this is how she is training me in the ‘off-season’ I can’t wait to see how fit I will be come Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  For real!  I have never been trained like this at this time of year!  And she’s not giving me 5 hr workouts or lot’s of high intensity training.  It’s more about the way she is putting my workouts together and what I’m doing in each of those workouts.  I am excited to see how I can progress as an athlete this year.  I’m even more excited for this journey with Susan.

So while everyone is enjoying their off-season….I’m going to be enjoying the new definition I have of this time of year!




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