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Happy Mother's Day

Posted May 09 2010 12:00am
Today was Mother's Day and I have three special women in my life that I need to recognize and the first is my lovely wife. I love you honey. The second is my mother and the third is my sister. I love you both as well.

Each in their own way has helped me shape who I am today and how I go about my life.

For example, my wife is competitive and she keeps me going. She is the bedrock for me and her attitude allows me to compete in all of these events as well as push myself. Since we are both competitive we can have a tenedency to compete with each other but I also think that because of who we are we know how important it is to each other to train and to get out and race.

This morning my wife's one wish for Mother's Day was to run with her friend. So at aroudn 6:30am she left the house for a 7-8 mile run. She got home and seemed so relaxed and she truly enjoyed her run. It is great to have a wife who knows what it takes to compete and to always look to challenge yourself.


I got my first four weeks of training today from my coach and I'm fired up and nervous all at the same time. My first workout tomorrow is 1500 meters of swimming. The most I have ever done is 725 so this is more then double that, but the best part is nothing is longer then my longest non-stop swim of 325 yards. I think that with me going out at 1500 on day one and again on day 3 that by the time that Grapevine hits on June 5th I will be able to swim those 300 easy.

In our email correspondence today she also pointed out that she wants me to do open water competitions and that there are two coming up. One is on June 12th-13th and the other is on June 20th down near Austin. Going to Austin to do the race and buy a new bike sounds kind of awesome. Going to explore these two dates some more. Karen and I love going to Austin and spending time down there. Great people, great atmosphere, tons of fun.

I will be back on this blog early tomorrow morning to let you all know how the first swim training session went.

Also, big day tomorrow in that I should be getting my transition bag delivered. Good times all around.

Going to lay on the couch with my wife and to bed early as tomorrow is a big day.


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