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Happy, Happy Summer

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
Once again I have lagged behind on posting - but it's because I'm having this incredible summer - which is going by like a freight train.

First of all, I was moaning and whining about my hip and after deciding it was time to quit worrying about it, it clears up and all is good to go again. Starting this week, I'm into heavy focused training looking at Lake St. Louis long course as my A race for the season. This alone makes me incredibly happy.

Add to that a week in Destin with my kids and grandkids. We had so much fun. The house I rented was very nice and afforded every couple their own room. The grandkids got to sleep in one of those beds that pulls down from the wall (I don't know what they call those) - but the kids thought it was very cool! The house was about 2 blocks from the beach and we were pretty much there every day. One day I spent bike riding and lunching with a fellow blogger who is a very talented triathlete. The weather was sunny and hot every day we were there - it was great fun. I didn't want to come home - I want to go there again - NOW!

Then I spent a weekend in Des Moines, IA for the Hyvee Triathlon. Now, if you were paying attention at all, there was a great deal of trauma surrounding this race - see previous post. But it all came together some kind of magical way and the race was on. Beautiful day, beautiful venue - not my best race by any means, but the most fun race I've ever done. Stayed to watch the pros - it was so exciting. Everyone in Des Moines was either a participant, volunteer, or spectator - they really go all out for this race. I came home tired, but happy from such a good time.

The next weekend I was off to Racine with my training buddies to participate in a training day for the Racine Half Ironman race - I won't be participating in that race, but my friends will. The moment we got close to town, the rains came and it looked like our swim in Lake Michigan was going to be a wash. Ate some lunch and drove down to the lake to check it out - the sun came out and all was right with the world. Check this out - they even have lifeguards! The water was a very brisk 62 degrees and we had to wear wetsuits. Don't know if you remember, but I hate wearing a wetsuit. I don't know why I cannot get in the groove like everyone else, but I find it severely limiting. It was quite breathtaking - not only from the cold, just from the view itself. Cold water aside, it was crystal (I mean CRYSTAL) clear. Very deceiving -you could be in 20 feet or more of water and see the bottom right in front of your face. After our invigorating swim, we went back to our hotel to unpack and clean up for dinner. Dinner was at a restaurant in the downtown area, named SALUTE and the food was very good. We were seated immediately which they said usually never happens. Good luck abounds on this trip.

The next day we got up for a fun-filled 56 mile bike ride. The hill out of the parking lot was the biggest incline of the day - the rest of the ride was wonderful rolling hills and all types of wind - a little tail, a little head, a little side wind - just kept changing up so you wouldn't get too bored. Ran a little afterward and enjoyed a hotdog lunch at the local beach bar. We were able to get our ride in before the rain came. Again, it cleared up as we were showering for lunch and then we made our way home. Another successful and enjoyable outing!

At this point, I'm wondering when it will all come crashing down. It's all been so wonderful.

If only every day could be like this!!! But mustn't get too greedy.
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