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Posted Dec 18 2010 12:20pm
I am hard at work in the off season, with an increase in intensity coupled with fewer hours of training. And while during those intense sets I have little opportunity for daydreaming as I utilize all my brain cells to keep my body moving at that uncomfortable pace, at other segments of the day, I have been spending time reflecting on me.

And there are portions of me that I find satisfying, and other portions that remain a work in progress.

When I was younger I could be a real pain to others as I provided my unvarnished opinion on the subject at hand. And while I did manage to win over my opponents, I know they were often left with hard feelings over the brutal discussions and my less than gentle verbal tactics.

Now as I have aged, I have mellowed some, and do my best to be a better friend and member of the human race. I work hard to understand and accept the alternative opinion, and provide others with the space and respect that they deserve.

And then sometimes I fail, and revert a bit to my old self. Later, as I analyze and evaluate and reevaluate, I tend to beat myself up for my actions. Apologies are given and I hope that they are accepted. I have begun to learn that it is better to disengage and move off in another direction rather than loose a good friend or friends in the name of pressing my point.

So I continue to live and learn and grow. And I truly hope that process never stops.

Thank you for visiting.
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