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Posted Sep 02 2009 6:34pm
Great news for me today!!! I had an MRI on my ankle. I was So nervous. Nervous about the outcome...not the MRI itself. Although I must say...those aren't so fun either.
Background info- I noticed my ankle was swollen sometime last winter. I thought it was strange and then put my socks back on and went on with life. I had no pain.
Sometime in May, I started to feel tightness in my achillis area. I let it go but after a few weeks decided I needed to be proactive since an Ironman was looming.
I saw the orthopaedic dr. (who, by the way, is also a triathlete) and he did an ultrasound in the office.
The peroneal brevis tendon concerned him. Given my symptoms & the pictures, he thought it might be a "partial" tear. However, it had been going on for a while so I wasn't too worry too much. We decided that rest after Lake PLacid would allow it to heal and for us to make a new plan.
On and off this summer it was sore. Never too sore. Always swollen. After Lake Placid, it swelled A LOT! It got worse. I was worried. I made another appt so he could give me his blessing to keep going...or not. We decided to do an MRI to put it to rest one way or the other. "It's not healing. You might need surgery." Great. I already tore a tendon in my shoulder, had surgery, long arduous rehab and came back. I Did NOT want to do that again. It was tough. very tough.

I layed in the tube for an hour. I listened to the jackhammer noise. I held my body still. It hurt after a while. I was relaxed and quite content to chill at first and then every single part of my body itched and ached. I am just not meant to lay still...unless it's 2 a.m.

Dr. Marr smirked and asked me how it felt when I went to see him. He refused to tell me anything until I gave him an update.

He began to show me the pictures. The Tendons are all INTACT!!!!! THey are Not torn or partially torn and NOT on the verge of rupturing. Amen! The peroneal tendon does show some signs of teninosis. But it's no reason to worry. that's all I needed to hear.
And then he proceeded to tell me that the tendons are not the reason for the swelling. He showed me another angle.
My talus bone is "ragged." It's torn up on the end. It is the bone between the calcaneus (heel) bone and the tibia and fibula. It is most likely being impinged by the others.Who knows why. I did have multiple ankle sprains as a HS soccer player and this may have made me more suceptible. Hard to say. I have lots of fluid all around that area. It's basically like a bursitis.
But all I wanted to know and what I really wanted to hear were these words,

"It does NOT need to stop you from doing what you want to do. Go ahead and Train. Intensity and distance. Anything. And good luck in Hawaii!!"

Thank you Dr. Marr!!!! We shook hands and I was OUTTA there!!!! No need for idle chit chat. He was busy and I was psyched. He said, "is that what you wanted to hear." He knew I was pumped.
No surgery. No more air cast. No more walking egg shells. He did tell me to watch it if I ran in the dark. Will do.

The Fire is officially back.
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