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Go net, plains suddenly roar into the mountains

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:34am
Go net, plains suddenly roar into the mountains shake in general, on the ground, such as the walls of the iron wall as with life, constantly extending out from the underground, Fengliaoyiban upward done last rope in a Department, formed a semicircle surface, actually there is no trace of the gap. followed by A violent trembling earth, even away from the cliff above a kilometer away, sunglass still like frequent jitter can clearly feel the waves of water waves Growl., Xiongshou "apprehensive" scratching claws, uttered sound a huge as the Ngau Tau head of exploration into the ground out followed, that is, is a radius of sufficient Barry's huge body collapse into the soil out before everyone traded "Creepy Bazaar turned out to be built on this behemoth back, majestic odd-shaped, just let sunglass amazing." this behemoth exceedingly powerful ... ... "sunglass uttered a heartfelt admiration he had seen a lot of monster, but as such magical huge Xiongshou touches the first time." This is the 'Creepy monster' mild temper, a total of ten This is just a cow behemoth, the leading crested legend which is really powerful, capable of flying thousands of miles, and aspect in the Star between throughput sun and the moon, it can be called a powerful, but I have not seen. " ; dragon fire the side to see down-hearted, a reminder of apprehension of the crotch, which growled, Feizong out in "apprehensive". sunglass backs turned and looked far and saw that the Ngau Tau behemoth sky and took a deep breath, the clouds crest of a flower a flower clouds inhaled into the belly, and thereafter it low Fuseshita the animal heads straight to drill into the underground. suddenly flashed that crack in the ground on top of the ripples of the waves, as if a giant invisible hand, smoothing the radius of a hundred miles of ground, flat as ever, never seen a trace of cracks. "Creepy Bazaar disappeared into thin air, just like this have never appeared on a piece of land in general. dusk, gold is still bright fireball, just Yunxia red, slightly dusk blustery plains the cold. "Young, back you do not to mention the with you, under normal circumstances, the master is not yet out of customs, however, just in case something happens to you said, and I came out to buy food, speak with one voice. "dragon fire repeatedly urged moment playful faded, he touches to worry about starting the "ghost Fearless" inwit to. "brothers and rest assured, I understand." sunglass watching the dragon fire looks like a frown sigh, the heart touches on some funny may in when the void suddenly sounds low laugh. "go back to see the master? hum, I will send you into the Land of the Dead," his voice as sharp objects across the metal shrill people eardrum splitting a blotting out the sun blanket of darkness on the ground channeling up and obscured the light of day, involved in all of a sudden they put a "bewildered" and dragon fire to which only the sunglass very early to see the machine, a Cuanshen, The hairbreadth jumped off the beast back on the open plains of the ground, high winds whining knife generally scratched the cold ground, the front showing a narrow dark shadows. "kid, I have been waiting for you." ghost Lingyun party stone
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