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Gear Review: SmartWool Arm Warmers

Posted Sep 29 2010 9:40am
Posted by Brandon on Sep 29, 2010 |

As outdoor lovers and athletes we all know that versatility is key to being comfortable in any situation. We’re also not big on having a bunch of overly bulky, uncomfortable and unnecessary “stuff” weighing us down. Cyclists in particular are sticklers for this type of thing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve headed out for a longer ride where temperatures have started off too cool for just a short sleeve jersey and have rapidly gotten far too warm for a long sleeved jersey of jacket.

Having a good pair of arm warmers in your gear, whether for cycling, running or whatever, is one of the smartest and most affordable things you can do. I have been using SmartWool ‘s arm warmers for the past few months(excluding Summer, of course) and am in love with them. Honestly, like a lot of people, you hear “wool” and itchy comes to mind. I’ve worn and continue to wear SmartWool socks all the time, but my arms seemed like they would be something much more susceptible to itchiness. I was wrong.

The thing about these arm warmers and most of SmartWool’s stuff is that it’s so lightweight but you don’t lose the insulating factor. At the same time, it’s super breathable and you don’t get that potentially closed off feeling. The welt at the wrist and upper arm (the thing that holds them in place) is hardly noticeable and has no silicon or other gripping material to annoy your skin. Even when I’ve left these on longer than I should and they get a bit sweaty, the weight of them when I take them off is so super light that I don’t notice them, whether they’re down around my wrists or in a pocket.

The only possible drawback is a tiny bit of shrinking that occurs length-wise after washing. My arm warmers shrank maybe three quarters of an inch and that was easily remedied by doing a quick stretch before using them.

I would highly recommend SmartWool arm warmers. They’re a versatile and lightweight option on days where the temperature keeps you guessing.

[box type="info"]MSRP: $25

Click here to visit the SmartWool site | Click here to buy on Amazon [/box]

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