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Frigid Five And More

Posted Jan 10 2010 5:43pm

When the alarm went off today O quickly turned on the tv and yelped "zero degrees?!?!" UGH! Today we were doing the Frigid Five Mile race and indeed, it would be frigid.

I'm not going to lie, it was cold. But as is always the case for me, once I start racing I don't really think about anything but racing hard. I really wasn't sure what to expect given the fact that I haven't run hard since November, I haven't really been training for that long yet, the cold, blah, blah, blah... BUT I did know that a good goal would be to run faster than last year. Because last year we did this same race under the same circumstances (I wasn't in shape, hadn't run hard for a few months, just started training, blah, blah, blah...).

Goal acheived! I ran 1:15 faster than last year. Hooray! But at least part of that can be attributed to the fact that the roads were in better condition this year. (although it was about 20 degrees warmer for the race last year also).

Anyway - we had fun! O did the race too. Chad, Ben and Doug, our friends, were also racing. There were pancakes afterwards! And O and I BOTH won raffle prizes (probably because we were 2 of about the 15 people that stayed :). Oh, and O ran fast - almost broke 30 minutes which given the course (there is a 0.75 mi long hill at the end that is just BRUTAL) and the cold, was pretty impressive to me.


Mr. Frosty Man - aka: what happens when you have a beard and run in zero degree weather.


No pictures of the actual race but I do have pictures of Ben and Oscar eating pancakes! :)

It was a great way to kick off the racing year! I'm always so excited to race and doing little races like this always get me even MORE excited for the big races to come!

And in other news, I used all my Big Bang gift certificates (that I got for Christmas) yesterday and got a new trainer! We needed another trainer because we only have one and O and I wanted to be able to ride together. So he got my old one and I got a new one! (doesn't seem fair 'eh? :). I decided upon a Tacx Flow which does a whole bunch of things but most exciting for me is that it measures power output.


We don't train with power but I know it will be a good way to measure progress and help me to train even better through the winter (since I spend about 100% of my time on the trainer until March/April). It took us a while to set it up today but then I did an easy 1 hour spin after the race and averaged 155 watts. I know - WATCH OUT LANCE! HAHA! :)


Look - watts!


I wasn't sure if it would work but both bikes BARELY fit into our living room (our house = not so big :). Fun bike rides together!

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