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Free Winter Tri training plan from coach Chuckie V

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:24pm

Winterrunning In these tough economic times every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Call it a loss leader or call it an early Christmas present, but coach Chuckie V is giving away a 12-hour weekly winter training plan for the working triathlete whose hobby is triathlon, but who still takes it seriously.

Here's an except from Chuckie V's winter training plan:

" What's needed: besides the obvious, you'll need willpower, a heart-rate monitor and if possible, a power meter.

First thing first. (Because, let's face it: second things never come first.) Once you think you've adapted to the workload or it seems to have become second nature, you will need to alter or increase the stimulus. Do this either by introducing more intensity or more volume, depending on a few factors…

1) Whether you have the available time. If you don't, add intensity.
2) The rate of your progression, as gauged by the enclosed fitness "tests". Let these tests teach you what your needs might be.
3) Your level of enthusiasm. If you're no longer into the routine, modify it.

Okay, without further ado…

A Weekly Winter Schedule for the Working Stiff

Monday: (1:00+/- total training time) A one-workout day.
am or pm) Swim (1:00+/-) … Strength day in the pool. Allow your legs to recover from the weekend, and try to limit your kicking.

a) Start with a 300 "mixer" warm-up ("mixer" = mix of strokes, not just freestyle)
b) Next, do a set of 10 x 50s of "Golf Score". Swim these at your fastest pace but with your lowest possible stroke count. Add the two together ( your stroke count + your time, in seconds ) to come up with your "golf score". The goal, of course, is to lower your score. Take 10 to 12-seconds of rest after each effort, aiming for the same send-off time during each 50, for example: leaving "on the top" or "on the 1:05".
c) Main Set: 8 x 250s pull (use paddles & a pull-buoy, with your ankles strapped together with an old bike inner-tube) at a 90% effort with good extension in front (reach!) on a 15-second rest interval. Be sure to pace these evenly.
d) Next, do 4 x 25s of hypoxic (no breathing) or head-up swimming on 10-seconds rest.
e) 100 easy cool-down; include some double-armed backstroke with a breaststroke kick.
= 3,000 yards/meters in all"

You can get the entire plan from Chuckie's Blog HERE.

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