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Formal Apology?

Posted Oct 08 2009 1:24pm
I'm not sure how to start this and if it's even worth while to write.... But a couple months ago for my first triathlon back, I wrote the North Park Race Report. In this report, I made mention of a 50-year-old something lady who basically hammered on the bike and kicked my A** hardcore. I also may have referred to her as a grandma.

Looking back, I was thinking my mom is 50-something and definitely old enough to be a grandma... Maybe my math skills are bad, but I figure I'm mid-twenties (2x27= close to being a grandma?) Ok maybe not...but my logic was then clearly off at the time.

Either way I'm horribly sorry for whomever my comments may have gotten back to. Sometimes I forget that this is posted on the internet for anyone to read. I never thought my blog was something that people outside of my circle read. I guess I learned my lesson the hard way although my comments were definitely taken the wrong way. Messages can very easily get misconstrued on the internet.

But any 50-something year old lady that is still participating in the sport of triathlon is cool in my book...Especially a lady that kicks my butt! Rock on ladies!
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