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Food vs. Fueling - Food Part 1

Posted Jan 28 2010 12:00am
So, I've posted about what Amy and I eat on numerous occasions, so I won't rehash that too much.

Food to me is what you eat on a daily basis outside of working out. Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner so to speak. If you "fuel" properly during workouts, you can treat your food as your nutrition and not something to get you from workout to workout to workout...more fueling in my book.

Talking about food, nutrition, and what to eat is like talking about politics, religion, or women... I can't remember where I heard it, but I heard or read that if you want to learn about nutrition, really learn about it, find a biochemist. I will list some of my go-to sites below for things nutritionally related when it comes to day to day, and not fueling per se. My go-to sites:

Robb Wolf

Whole Health Source

Heart Scan Blog

Marks Daily Apple

Dr. Michael Eades

Fitness Spotlight

You will notice that most (o.k. all) of those above are pretty "low carb" sites. But, that doesn't mean that we eat low carb though we are eating a lot fewer carbs now than in the past. They are also very "real food" centric sites. What you decide to eat and for what reasons are completely up to you. A friend of ours last night commented that she read the Paleo posts, but didn't quite get it. That's where the "real food" approach comes in. So, regardless of where you stand on carbs, protein, fat, carnivore, vegan, or whatever, there is one central idea that I think works best...

Don't eat CRAP. Eat real food.

For us, real food is minimally processed. For the most part that means meat, eggs, fruit, veggies, starchy veggies like potatoes and sweet potatoes, some rice, even butter, coconut oil, olive oil, some full-fat yogurt, cheese on occasion. That is the bulk of our food. It means limiting sugar outside of workouts, it also means limited wheat products as we have found that we seem to operate better in general...less bloating and gas, fewer big energy swings. It means limited packaged foods outside of sports drinks and bars near workouts.

This is all a recap. You can find this elsewhere on this blog. The central message here is to just eat good food. Buy the best quality that you can afford.

What is real food? Pretty much anything with a short, very short, ingredient list.

Chicken is real food. Chicken Nuggets are not.

Butter is real food. Margarine or Smart Balance is not.

Coconut and Olive oil are real food. Soybean, Corn, and Safflower oils are not.

Beef is real food. A Boca Burger is not real food...just look at the ingredient list. Don't eat meat, you can find real foods that will probably work at least as well as a boca burger or TVP.

A piece of fruit is real food. A fruit roll up might work in a pinch, but it's mostly concentrated fruit juice and isn't really real food.

So, whatever your persuasion...just eat real food outside of training. Not sure when the next post will be up, probably on
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