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Food Post #3: Where We're at Now

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:18pm
The subject line "where we're at now" isn't exactly grammatically correct. There is no book review for this one. No set in stone guidelines that we are following. It's a compilation of things, and I'll try to elaborate in the Post #4: How we got to where we are. In short, the bulk of our diet consists of the following...

Proteins: grass fed beef, chicken, Omega-3 enhanced eggs, wild caught fish, gulf shrimp, whey in smoothies, venison. We order the grass-fed beef from Slankers, and if you order enough it's about the same as buying 'organic' beef somewhere. Or, if we're lucky mom/dad/grandma took a calf to market and we have homegrown stuff. We try to find organic chicken, but I'm not sure how much 'better' it is than the normal stuff since they are all fed the same grain diet. HEB has 'brown gulf shrimp' that comes peeled, without the heads, frozen in 1lb packages, reasonably priced. I go get (as in hunt) the venison each year between November and January. Costco has wild caught Sockeye Salmon, but we just try to stay away from farmed atlantic unless we might order it in a restaurant. Tilapia is another good fish as is mahi mahi. Some of it is a little more $$, so just eat a little less of it.

Carbs: quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, lots of veggies, some fruit, sports drinks during workouts, limited ezekial bread, limited white potatoes. We have really cut back on the quantity of carbs that we eat, and honestly, I have noticed no ill effects at all. We've limited our wheat products...see previously linked Animal Pharm and Heart Scan Blogs for the reasons. I might try cutting out wheat just to see how it works.

Fats: avocado, nuts (mostly almonds and walnuts), olive oil, coconut oil, lots of almond butter. We have significanly increased our fat since the Engine2 days, and it seems to be working very well for us. I find that I am not as hungry as often, and oddly enough some nagging little pains seemed to have been clearing up...maybe it's just mental.

Vices: some dark chocolate (72% or better), the every couple of months Nada Moo or other coconut milk based ice cream, maybe pizza after an Ironman or very select races, baked goods on the holidays. Chips and salsa every couple of weeks or so...Tex-Mex!

What we don't eat: cereal, dairy unless it happens to show up minimally when eating out, white flour, white bread, normal wheat bread, soft drinks, fruit juices, pasta, most things that come in a package other than sports nutrition products, typical "fast" food, any industrial oils like canola, corn, soybean, etc. Basically, we don't eat much of anything that advertises on the tv, radio, etc.

Sounds tough doesn't it? It really isn't. I would say that 90% of the time we adhere to the above. Any more 'strict' than that, and I suspect that all but the most self-controlled with under go some serious binging on the things that you like to eat, but aren't. The toughest part is when we visit family or during the holidays.

What's a typical day look like? This is my typical day. Amy's may be slightly different, but I generally work out early then go to work all day, and then work out again directly after work. If I do a strength workout as my first workout, I don't eat before it. So, my workout days would be as follows:

"Easy" day: Strength early AM, EZ swim noon, EZ bike pm
"Hard" day: Quality workut early AM, Quality workout pm

My menu is generally pretty similar between the two days since I don't eat before a strength workout.

Pre-Workout: generally Lara Bar or First Endurance EFS bar.

Workout #1: maybe sports drink (generally just water unless it's over 90 minutes, then gel or sports drink).

Post-Workout: smoothie w/ almond milk, banana, berries, whey protein. Probably a couple of eggs. I might have oatmeal w/ almond butter if it was a really tough workout or I'm really hungry.

AM Snack if hungry: apple w/ almond butter or a couple of oranges.

Lunch: BIG salad w/ chicken/turkey, avocado, olive oil, vinegar, and lots of veggies besides lettuce OR a stir fry w/ veggies quinoa and rice mixture and chicken, beef, or canned salmon. I can 'cook' this at work using fresh or frozen veggies 'steamed' in the microwave. Or leftover dinner like yesterday...chicken, sweet potato w/ avocado and salsa (it's good, really).

PM Snack: oatmeal w/ almond butter or First Endurance EFS bar if I didn't eat one in the AM. This is usually 1-2 hours before my PM workout.

Workout #2: same as workout #1.

Post-Workout: Maybe a Pure-Sport recovery. Or, maybe just dinner right after since if it's late b/c it is a long workout.

Dinner: Grilled Fish/Chicken/Beef, veggie stir fry in small amount of coconut oil, sweet potatoes or quinoa/rice mixture. I'll go light on the 'carbs' if I had a post workout drink. We'll do a shrimp curry stir fry using some coconut milk about once a week or every couple of weeks.

PM Snack: frozen berries w/ almonds and sometimes dark chocolate chips, usually right after dinner.

I have found, since about October, that this really allows me to recover well and actually do more 'hard' workouts that before. I feel like I am eating less. A breakdown is pretty close to the 40/30/30 carbs/fat/protein, maybe a little more on fat and a little less on protein depending on the day. I've managed to get my 5 pounds back and the weight has held steady. Amy has maintained or maybe even lost some. I've had comments that I look better, and she's had several comments about being leaner, but no 'skinny' or 'anoerixic' comments. The training volume has remained the same or increased. The exception is that the HIT Center boot camps taking the place of our normal strength workouts. Again, this is an experiment of 1 (or 2).
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