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FOMT "Fear of Missing Training"

Posted Oct 16 2012 12:14pm
Over the past week and a half I've been having a rough time and have been pretty stressed. My stress?

"Fear of Missing Training"

Definition: A common phenomenon experienced when one is training their butt off for a race and they experience illness and therefore are no longer able to train. The worry about missing training causes additional stress and sometimes can worsen or prolong the illness.

This stressor can be worsened if it happens right before a taper and causes one to miss the last big week and weekend of training.

I apologize if this comes across as whiney but I'm starting to freak out a bit.  Last weekend I was pretty stoked as I completed a 115 mile bike, 8 mile T-run, and a subsequent 20-miler the next day with 3 descending timed miles around 7:30 pace. This was by far the most epic training weekend of my life! I felt so ready to tackle IMFL!

Knowing the likelihood of illness while 140.6 training increases exponentially, I have been on top of my nutrition. I've been drinking green smoothies daily, taking my vitamins, taking amino acids, eating clean, and even drinking Emergen-C every time I felt a little worn out. I also have ben pretty consistent with getting to bed early and taking weekend naps.

What happened then? It is that time of year... And really I guess the weekend's training just broke me. So while trying not to freak out, I've tried to shift focus. I traded my weekends training for
1. A pedi

2. Decorating for Fall

3. Making Fall Wreaths (Don't Laugh)

4. Spending time with those I've been neglecting

5. And of course lots of rest, healthy eating, fluids, and vitamins

I haven't completely taken time off from the S-B-R. I've squeezed in some short easy workouts here and there. And ultimately I think that is the problem. The cycle has been: 1: off day 2: feel better 3: workout 4: feel worse. To stop the cycle I've taken today off from both work and exercise.  Yesterday was the icing on the cake. I woke up at 5 to "TRY" to do my long run. After a few miles with HR in the 150's while running 9:30's, I threw in the towel and headed home. After the 8 mile sluggish run and a crazy day filled work day with lots of patients, I felt like crap again last night.

Please learn from my lesson my fellow triathletes. When sick, take LOTS of time off with no working out until you feel 110%. Don't do what I did. It only prolongs the funk. Hopefully after today, I will be back on the train. If not I might really start to freak out....

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