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First hand witness report from tragic weeekend bike attack in Brazil

Posted Mar 01 2011 3:00pm


Editor's Note: Earlier this week we reported on a horrific bike attack in Brazil. One of our readers, Matheus Dutra de Moura, was there and he sent us this report from the scene of the crime.

Greetings Roman,

Thanks for your reply. I'll try to tell you every detail I could get during last friday night, while I was riding with others in the Critical Mass. Please, forgive me if make any mistakes on typing, since English isn't my mother language, so please feel free to correct any wrong sentence.

We were something like 200 riders. There were children riding kid bikes, old people and even *babies* inside baskets attached to their mothers' bikes. We were riding slowly and blocking the entire street, since we were many. There were a couple of cars behind us, some of them just turned to another street to avoid the Critical Mass ahead, and others prefered to wait while we were leaving slowly to another street.

There was one guy driving a black WV Golf right behind us, and suddently he started yelling at us, saying bad words. He looked really upset due to the many riders ahead, and he really wanted to pass. However, it'd impossible to go ahead due to the number of riders on the street. Then we crossed a green traffic light, and he had to stop due to the red light. However, he still wanted to go ahead and try to drive in the middle of the mass!!!

Then a cyclist stopped beside his car and said: "Dude, as you can see you can't pass, there are a lot of people on the street, your car doesn't even fit". Then another cyclist stopped in front of the WV Golf to make sure the guy wouldn't try to go ahead (the light was still RED!!!)... and then, well, the WV just started to hit everyone in front of it!

Most dramatic videos are
M (with English subtitles)

Please, HELP US to show the TRUTH to the rest of the world! The media here is saying lots of bullshit, since the retarded driver works for the government, so he is telling lies to the media like "I was scared, they (the cyclists) started to hit my car and brake everything so I had to get out from there", that is a big LIE, I was there and saw everything! He was very angry and really wanted to kill everybody!

He hit 25 cyclists. More than 11 went to the hospital with 2 seriously injured. More then 30 bikes broken.

If you want more videos, please find at, it's the official blog of Critical Mass in my city, Porto Alegre - Brazil. They don't have many pictures but there are many videos.

Please let me know if you want details about any specific part of the story. I may delay to respond your e-mails since I can't read my personal mail from work. If you want to contact me quick, try

thanks for your support and attention,
Cyclists of the world, UNITE.

Matheus Dutra de Moura

Follow on twitter @ everymantri or view latest videos on YouTube .

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