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Feeling Better and Feeling the Taper

Posted Apr 14 2009 12:16am

The first time since I can remember I took five complete days off from swimming, biking, and running due to illness and the subsequent recovery. I was pretty antsy to get out for a run on Friday when the weather was nice and I was feeling a lot better, but I told myself (and my beautiful) that I’d skip the whole week and that is what I did. Except for a little residual cough I still need to shake I feel pretty close to 100% and I’ve gotten back on the training train with two recent runs. Tomorrow I’ll get back in the pool and on the bike, as well. Here is how my recent running sessions went.

Saturday would normally have been long-ride day, but since there would be no long-ride this weekend I thought I’d get my long-run in and then recover from it on Sunday. The marathon training plan told me it was time for my 5th and last 20+-mile run and even though I hadn’t run in 5-days I went ahead and busted it out. The weather very much cooperated with me with nice temps, very little wind, and no rain the entire time I was out there. The first 4-5 miles were a bit of a struggle as the legs were feeling the effects of my having been sick and the extended time off. But shortly thereafter I found my groove and started clicking off the miles and feeling good. I completed the first of two laps several seconds under my targeted pace and after a bio break, water bottle refill, and smooch from my wife I was back out the door for loop #2. This felt great until the about the last 2 miles and those were a bit of a struggle. But after 18+ miles any run would feel like a bit of a struggle, I think. But soon enough I was rounding the final bend near my house and then I was done. It was awesome to be back outside and to be active once again. And I ended up running the last-long-run a few seconds per miles under target pace and it felt easy. This training stuff really does work.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 20.2-miles in 2:29:24 @ 7:23/m pace.

Today I had a meeting that went from 10am to nearly 1pm, but I was NOT going to let that stop me from taking MY time and going for MY run. Besides, I’d planned ahead and cleared my calendar enough to get it in so all was good. The weather today was very typical for Oregon in spring time – there was hard rain, there was hail, there was big wind, there was sun, there was cold, there was warmth…a little bit of everything for everyone today. My legs were actually a bit sore today so I was sure how the run would go given the hills, but I thought I’d give it try and see how it went while I tried to hit my pacing target. Once I got going I actually felt surprisingly good until towards the end. The weather made it more challenging then my legs did. And when it was all said and done I came in 3-sec/m over my target pace which was nice.
Stats for Monday’s run: 10.-2-miles in 1:17:02/m pace.
And with today’s run, I officially am in Taper Mode for the Eugene Marathon which is on May 3rd. And I am so ready. The training plan I created and have been following has been the most aggressive one I’ve ever done and the daily/weekly mileage totals are some of the biggest I’ve ever done. Hopefully that pays off on May 3rd, time will tell. But for now…I’ll slowly ramp it down as I get closer to that day and see what happens.

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