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Feature Review: Finally, tri gear made for women by Barbara Mica

Posted Jan 16 2009 1:04pm

Triathlon-collection-c EveryMan (or in this case EveryWomen) "Gotta Have" Latte Rating Scale: Rating Scale (based on the amount of lattes per day you' ll give up to buy this product)?

• 4 Lattes: A must have product that will make your friends jealous and your competitors cower in undisguised fear and trepidation. ??
• 3 Lattes: A very good investment that is well worth forgoing a year or two of your children' s college fund. 
• 2 Lattes: One of those products that actually does what it says it does, but with the same pizazz as a Q-Tip. ?
• 1 Latte: The best thing said about this product is that I wouldn' t send it back if I got it for free.
??• No Latte: So excruciatingly lame that you would get more value by crossing the street for some discarded and well chewed gum before buying this product. 

Danskin Women' s 2009 Triathlon Collection

Rating: 3.5 Lattes
Retail: $38 to $84

Editor' s Note:Danskin was kind enough to send us a full range of their 2009 Women' s Triathlon collection so we had two different associate reviewers test and evaluate the gear. This is the first review. We will feature the second review next week.

The excitement of receiving a box of triathlon wear from Danskin quickly turned into trepidation when I checked the labels of the garments which were all sized “small 4-6.” Now I am tall, nearly 5’10” and roughly 135 lbs, and normally a size six in ready-to-wear clothing. Being a size A/B cup, I typically wear a size small top. But, I can’t remember when I didn’t wear a women’s size large tri and cycling short. My pear shape doesn’t help when looking for a one-piece tri suit which usually ends up being too large on top and fitting too snug in the shorts. And believe me, I have completed triathlons wearing most of them: Zoot, Descent, 2XU, Tyr, and Speedo among others. I have been chaffed, blistered, scuffed, and ripped in many a race.

Shorts The selection of triathlon clothing sent to me by Danskin for wear testing and evaluation all had a hot pink Hawaiian flare with black complementing shorts. While I usually don’t favor bright colors or tropical prints, the Danskin wear was tasteful, funky and feminine. Your husband will have no trouble finding you at the finish line! With trepidation over the size, I slid the on the Danskin cycling shorts expecting to split them at the seams. Surprisingly, the shorts fit like a glove. All of the Danskin products fit perfectly!

After wear testing the cycling short and beautifully bold pink triathlon cycling jersey in spin class, I was an immediate fan! The shorts did not bind or pinch in the crotch and were the right fit on the thigh. The hot pink triathlon cycling jersey is made of the silkiest, lightest and softest fabric that I have ever worn. The two way zipper with reflective piping is a nice touch for the warmer races that can go well into the evening. In fact, most of the triathlon gear had reflective piping that will make the late night Ironman glow stick nothing more than an optional accessory!

Inspired by the well-fitting cycling gear, I moved on to the treadmill. Keep in mind that most of my wear testing was done in December and January—which means training indoors in Colorado. On the run, I wore Danskin’s black training skort with its coordinated hot pink tri tank. The skort fabric, similar to the cycling jersey fabric, was very flowing and light and never felt as though the fabric was weighing me down as has been my experience with other skorts.

Skort The compression shorts were light and comfortable, and did not ride up or stick to the skirt. The skort also featured a back stash pocket as do many of the Danksin tri products. The tri tank was just the right length to rest at my hips, and—get ready ladies—NOT ride-up over the belly as do other tanks cut for a man. Although I am small in bra size, I felt that the tri tank could use a bit more shelf support.

Next I was on to the pool where I tested Danskin’ printed tri bikini top and tri brief. Ladies, how often do you fear dislocating your shoulder changing into or out of a tight fitting swim top or jog bra?

The bikini top was a delight to change into because of its clasped back for extra support and comfort. I have worn the tri bikini top several times as a jog bra as it is has the perfect compression. The tri suit with its floral print top and black bottoms could use a bit more top support. I recommend wearing the tri bikini top under the tri suit. The silicone leg binding gripped just right, as did the cycling short, and the back stash zip pocket is a nice touch.

In summary, Danskin produces very good quality triathlon clothing that is made for a woman’s body. Really, what would you expect from the leading manufacturer or women’s dance and active wear since 1882? The triathlon collection is durable, comfortable and color coordinated for ease in combining pieces.

Triathlon_large One slight criticism that I have of nearly all the pieces: the reflective logo peeled off after only a few workouts. That is a one feature that Danskin will want to rectify in order to get the exposure that their products deserve.

To purchase these clothes or more information please check out the complete 2009 Danskin women' s triathlon clolection at

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