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Fall Motivation

Posted Dec 14 2009 2:44am

MissyOne of my bloggy buddies recently posted about how she has done virtually nothing in the off-seasonthat she is enjoying it. In a nutshellshe is feeling guilty about feeling guilty.

I think this is a common occurrence for weekend warriors like us who spend a g good part of our free time balancing our training and our personal life. When the pressure is offit’s such a relief.

For methe offseason was dry and slow. No swimming or riding. I jumped into my P90X programand saw an increase in strength and flexibilityas well as a decrease in body mass. But then came the start of our masters swim seasonas well as our bike clubs winter spin sessions.

Going to the pool was getting to be a chore. I would sit at my desk in the morning and think about new excuses for blowing off my lunch session. The thought of more laps just made me want to burn my speedos.

Then our Masters Club scheduled a mini swim meet. I signed up for a couple of free events and a couple of breast stroke events. I got online and searched out drills and advice on beast. We did a few workout sets of breast stroke and drillsand all of a suddena fire was lit. I couldn’t wait to get to the pool and practice. The meet went okI managed to just break 50 seconds for a 50 breastand I couldn’t wait for the next workout.

Then at our last workoutour coach decided to try and teach us how to swim butterfly. Some of my swim mates really weren’t impressedand whined and made excuses like “I don’t swim Fly in a Triathlon.” As it turns outI am not a bad butterflyer. I am no Michael Phelpsbut I did garner a few looks from my lane mates.

So I am now in a situation where I look forward to every session. I don’t need to drag my ass to the pool. I eagerly look forward to practicing new skillslike breast strokeand flyand finally learning to do a flip turn. In doing soI have found that my freestyle stroke count has dropped. Hopefully it means that my freestyle efficiency is increasing.

So here is the moral of the story. If you are starting to feel unmotivated this fallsign up for a masters club swim meet. Try a new strokePerfect your flip turn. Before you know itspring will be hereyou will be 12 weeks out from your first race of the yearand stoked about the upcoming season. And if notyou can sell your bikesand take up scuba divingor knitting.
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