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Eyewitness account sheds more light on Chrissie Wellington's serious bike crash

Posted Sep 26 2011 11:14am


We are now able to confirm THIS recent story that Chrissie Wellington crashed her bike this weekend in Boulder, Colorado on a training ride leading up to the 2011 Ironman World Championships.

According to an eyewitness to the accident:

"I was literally right behind her. I was riding a flat road with three men and one looked over his shoulder and said "we are about to be absorbed by the peloton."  Suddenly, Chrissie was leading a pack of five men. She was riding next to another man - pulling 4 behind them (2 by 2). 

They flew by us. We picked up the pace to catch their wheels. By that time - she was in 2nd position and two men were leading into a left hand turn. She took the turn pretty hot and I watched her front wheel just slide out from under her and she went sliding down. The guy right behind her grabbed his breaks and fish tailed. He hit her back wheel (which was now lying on the ground) and he went down too. I swerved around them.

Everyone stopped.

A number of cars stopped as well. She got up right away but clearly had lost skin on her left arm and leg. My little four pack continued riding. We were all heading out on a popular ride (from Boulder to Carter Lake).  My group stopped at Carter Lake to get water. We saw the four men that had been riding with Chrissie go flying by the General Store. She was no longer with them. Neither was the guy that crashed right behind her.

They did a big loop (very popular to add distance to this ride) and circled back to Boulder - and passed us on the way home as well. We didn't do the extra back loop. With the loop - they were probably out on an 80+ mile ride. I was only out for about 70 and they still caught us on the way home. They were all flying in aerobars.

It didn't look like she broke anything - just lost skin. We rode past the crash area on the way home - it wasn't sandy or gritty. I think she just took the turn too fast/sharply. It didn't look to me as though she hit the guy's wheel in front of her."

We'll keep you posted as we learn more and wish Chrissie a speedy recovery.

EMT File Photo 

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