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ExperienceTriathlon Coaching Services, Naperville, IL

Posted Sep 29 2010 5:28am

pas·sion·ate (adj \ˈpa-sh(ə-)nət\) a : capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feeling;b : enthusiastic, ardent
Several weeks ago, I sat down with Joe LoPresto, founder and head coach of ExperienceTriathlon Coaching Services . Joe, a former executive at Big Blue, IBM, took an early retirement to follow his dream of starting a coaching business. The dictionary definition above is my lasting impression of Joe and his commitment to working with athletes in order that they not only succeed in their performance objectives, but enjoy the process along the way. Along with IBM, Joe brings in experience working with the Boy Scouts, is a level II USA Triathlon Certified Coach, is an Ambassador for lululemon athletica and has completed numerous endurance events, including IronMan Wisconsin (just don't call it IMoo!).

EXPERIENCETriathlon offers both personal and group coaching services. They offer ongoing training programs designed with experience level, personal goals, and daily time constraints in mind. Regardless of what level one is competing at now, if committed to getting to the next level, they can help you get there. They also specialize in bringing new athletes into triathlon and can teach you how to swim, bike and run safely and complete your first event.

I've personally benefited from working with ExperienceTriathlon, through a Master's swim program and by competing in an indoor triathlon, as well as having my son Teo attend a youth triathlon clinic. Joe and the entire staff, as well as the volunteers of their extended multisport family are clearly committed to being a member of the community in the western suburbs.

I've never used a coach and don't really plan on doing so anytime soon. Would it save me time and prevent me from making some colossal blunders? Absolutely yes, but to me, part of the allure of the endurance sports world is figuring it out on my own. So, while I might participate in a group session or benefit from someone putting on a race, the training and nutrition are my own. That's not to say that most (normal) people wouldn't benefit from personal coaching and shouldn't follow that path. Joe is quite eloquent on the benefits of coaching
  • Instruction on the basic principles of training
  • A structured program that will keep you motivated and working toward your goals
  • Additional variety in your training
  • Advice on workouts and racing from an experienced multisport athlete
  • Higher goals and a plan to reach them
  • Advice on the right equipment and the best places to purchase it
  • Overtraining prevention
  • Reduction of injury risk and improved odds of getting to the starting line healthy
  • Continuous feedback on your workout and race performances
  • A focus on having fun with training instead of workout planning.
  • Access to other training partners and groups of your ability level.
  • A sounding board for ideas
So if you are interested in personal coaching, I would suggest contacting Coach Joe . While preferring to work hands-on with clients, ExperienceTriathlon is quite capable of creating a training plan that fits your needs and budget anywhere in the world. This won't be a cookie cutter plan like you can buy off so many sites on the Internet, but a thoughtful and practical plan to move you forward until you reach your goals.

I really enjoyed sitting down with Coach Joe, hearing about his journey, his personal and professional efforts in the multisport world, and especially the intensity with which he believes in what he is doing. He's a person well-worth knowing, both in a professional and personal manner.
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