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Exorcise with a spinal cord injury

Posted Jun 09 2010 11:12am
One major struggle for me has been adapting to a sedentary lifestyle. For most of my adult life, I have had the ability to head out for a run. When I need to blow off steam, I always had my running shoes. Exorcise was something that came naturally. The activities I chose kept me fit and healthy.
Today I have to work much hard to motivate my self. I use a stationary bike to get my heart up. I have some hand weights to try to maintain some muscle, and I do a series of core exorcises to help keep my lower back and abs strong. Soon I plan to begin swimming again. I am waiting for the outdoor pool to re-open for the summer. I look forward to this as I know the benefits will be huge.
I know that much of what I gained as an athlete is still available to me. I know htat I can regain much fitness in my heart, lungs, endurance, and muscle.
My neuro wiring is a mess, and I can barely walk let alone run. The concept of being able to race is remote. This is beyond my control. But my fitness is not beyond my control. The workouts may not always be the way I want them to be. But they are available to me. Fitness is my choice. This I am grateful for.
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