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Exercise labels are better at keeping teens away from junk food researchers say

Posted Dec 20 2011 12:09pm


So what do you think is a better way to get teens to eat healthy foods.

1) Display the caloric count on food labels or

2) Display the amount of time and exercise it will take to burn the calories in the the food on the labels?

If you guessed number are correct according to a new study conducted at the Johns Hopkins's Bloomberg School of Public Health.

"People generally underestimate the number of calories in the foods and beverages they consume," said lead researcher Dr. Sara Bleich in a press release.

"Providing easily understandable caloric information -- particularly in the form of a physical activity equivalent, such as running -- may reduce calorie intake from sugar-sweetened beverages and increase water consumption among adolescents."

According to the New York Times :

"Researchers at Johns Hopkins's Bloomberg School of Public Health observed teenagers at stores where signs displayed either calorie counts, calorie counts as a percent of recommended daily calorie intake, or the time spent jogging that would be needed to burn off the drink.

While all signs led the teenagers to purchase fewer drinks, researchers discovered that the most powerful influence was the calorie conversion to exercise minutes. For example, a 250-calorie can of soda read that it would take 50 minutes of running to burn off the calorie content."

The study appeared last week in the American Journal of Public Health.

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