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EverymanTri exclusive: Ten Questions for Boston Marathon favorite Meb Keflezighi

Posted Apr 18 2010 7:28am

Editor's Note: Our new gear editor, Paul Shippey, recently had the chance to sit down with American marathon runner Med Keflezighi in Boston at an event sponsored by Generation UCAN before tomorrow's Boston Marathon and asked him our now standard set of ten questions. You can hear other professional athlete's answers to these same questions by listening to the the Everyman Endurance podcast HERE .

1) Meb, Who was your childhood inspiration?

I didn’t grow up with radio or TV so could not follow much news or sports. But I did read about baseball’s Jackie Robinson and Jim Ryun the miler who competed in any conditions, and they sounded inspiring to me as athletes. My parents would however rank tops as they gave up their life in Eritrea to give their kids a better upbringing.
2) What's your favorite race?

The New York City Marathon - I’ve done it so many times that I got to know the race, the crowds, and the fans.  I had my best race days on the course.

3) What's your favorite post race treat? 

Snickers.  My wife will bring one the finish line occasionally. In high school I ate many of them.

4) What do you hate about racing?

Not being 100 percent. I don’t like running with injuries.  Going though rehab and having to race soon afterwards is no fun! (Meb injured his left knee in January this year and has not raced much in the lead up to Boston)

5) What's your best training tip?

Be healthy and consistent. If you are healthy you can train, and if you train consistently you can reach the finish line.  Stay healthy!

6) What your most embarrassing career/race moment?
I got lost while leading a race in high school.  I was winning by 400 meters and took the wrong turn and found myself at the back of the race after some detours. I managed to re-join the race and ended up 10th. Pretty embarrassing!

7) How do you push yourself through pain?

I had a team mate in college tell me it’s not pain, its temporary discomfort we feel during a race. So who can push through that discomfort longer than the others is the key. I pray during the race and that helps me endure it.

8) Is winning everything?

No, it’s the only thing. LOL. Joking. Running is about testing yourself. There was a UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, who said ‘success is having the peace of mind knowing that you have done the best you can do.’ You can’t win all the time!

9) What would you do if you were not a professional athlete?
I wanted to be a pilot or doctor. I hope to be full-time motivational speaker after I retire from running.

10) Is there any race you still want to win?

The Boston Marathon!  I could say I wanted an Olympic gold, but I gave it may best shot and got silver, so I am happy with that. Boston is the one I want to improve on my third place.

You can read about the other contenders for this year's Boston Marathon HERE .


* Med Keflezighi was born in Eritrea and began running while in an American Junior High School in San Diego. He won the silver medal in the marathon distance at the 2004 summer Olympic games. In 2009 he won the New York Marathon in a time of 2:09:15  setting a personal best. Keflezighi lives and trains in Mammoth Lakes, California.

** Paul spoke with Meb at an event sponsored by Generation UCAN

A drink developed for a child with a rare disease that prevents the body from producing its own blood sugar, has evolved to become the choice energy fuel for some of the nations’ leading elite athletes in Boston this weekend.  Keflezighi, is among the many professionals that will be fueled by Generation UCAN during the 114th running of the marathon on Monday April 19.

Generation UCAN is available in single serve sachets to be mixed with 16.9oz of cold water and should be consumed pre or post race or event. Flavors include Pomegranate-Blueberry, Vanilla (with protein), Chocolate (with protein), Lemonade and plain.

It’s currently available for purchase online and will be in specialty retail stores soon. 

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