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Epic Training Weekend

Posted Jun 22 2010 2:44am

An extended long weekend for me thanks to a civic holiday, and a few extra hours worked last week. That made for a full weekend of training in preparation for some upcoming events, including a tough 10 k race.

Friday, 2 hour ride, taking in part of the route for the upcoming Paradise Triathlon. In a word, TOUGH. It seems like to course is up hill all the way, which is impossible I know because it is a loop. It has to come down at some point, but that’s what it felt like. Will be a tough sprint.

Me 687. about 200 metres to go to the finish. Dude in the black came out of nowhere and sprinted to the line.

Saturday, Molson Light Downtown 10k. This was the race I set a PR on about 5 years ago. 44 minutes and change. This time, the course was modified to the much hillier South Side Road, on the south bank of the Waterford river. As well, the direction was reversed meaning predominately uphill on the way home. I knew It was a tough course before the start, and I barely broke 50 minutes.

Made his move. I hope he is sore tomorrow!

Sunday, I did a training ride from my house to the start of this weeks 50k ITT. The wind was absolutely howling. It usually takes me 22 to 25 minutes to get to the turnaround of our 20k route. On Sunday, I was over 30 minutes. Granted, it was a training ride at training pace on my road bike, but still, give me a break. Again, this is a tough windy hilly course. Another tough event.

Monday, Swim at the Paradise Tri swim venue. Operative word, COLD. 11.3 degrees celcius. The race committee has stated that 10 is the cut-off. I am not sure what the ITU regulations are, but I really hope it warms up. My teeth are still chattering.

That brings me to today. The 50. It’s drizzly, and windy. The rain is supposed to let up this afternoon, and the sun is supposed to peek out, but the winds are predicted to be 30 kmh gusting to 50 from the north, meaning more cold. 7 Celcius to be exact. Can’t wait. Such fun!

So there you have it. An epic training weekend in Newfoundland.
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