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Endurance-that's the thing

Posted Jul 06 2009 6:57pm
I've got it. Endurance. It has finally sunk in that I am absolutely ready. It struck me for good this morning during my swim. I tackled 10x400s. The intervals weren't too bad... but not slow either. I descended by 2 with #8 & 9 on 5:30 and the final to be the fastest of the day. AFter warming up on the 2nd one I brought them down to 5:20 and held them right there. No problem. Stroke was steady. I had no problem taking off on each one with 20,15, 10 seconds rest and hitting the next one at the same pace. Final 400 on 5:15. Ok, not blazing fast, but solid. It struck me that my endurance is now solid in 3 sports. And that's what I need.

The long weekend was up and down. It started out on Friday morning with a swim at Crystal lake with my buddies Mary and Alina. They drove extra far this time to get there so we could swim together. This made me very happy. However, my swim was not what it usually is. We stop at .5 mi, 1 mi, 1.5 and finish up at 2 mi. Each time we stopped I was dizzy. Lightheaded. Strange. And I couldn't keep up. Alina and I are usually a great match and push each other stroke for stroke. Not that day. I didn't have it. Oh well.
After a hot shower (still cold and rainy here..) and some food, I hoped I was ready for my long "very hilly" run. Jen instructed me to find a very hilly route. I took this to heart. I climbed 3000 ft in 17 miles. It was actually done in about 15 miles cause the final few miles were flat. Ouch. I was not fast that day...but again...endurance. I had it. My legs never fatigued. It was a nice long run. And then........I had to basically sprint home.....

Bam. I was down for the count. Major GI upset and serious dizziness. No clue why. I was miserable. totally and utterly miserable. I did get my recoverite in and a quick ice bath but about 30 minutes after I finished I was a mess. I couldn't stand up without major stomach pain. I would get lightheaded and dizzy and had the sweats. I didn't have a fever....I was expecting something like that since my son had had a 101+ fever for a few days last week....but it wasn't that. I was home alone with my 2 youngest boys. Tommy, my 7 y.o., was so sweet. He made me a cracker with peanut butter on it after I realized I should Try to eat something. I couldn't stand at the counter long enough to do it myself. He fetched me water. He brought me the phone so I could call my husband to tell him to hurry home because I was dying. :) Just kidding. But I did call him to tell him I was flat on my back in random spots on the floor of the house. I would try to get up, but then collapse again. what was this??? oh well, I was better by night time...almost.

The next day was the Fourth. The sun tried to shine...but we were hit by multiple thunder storms while at our family picnic on the ocean....still fun though.

Sunday I had long brick. In the...SUN! First time that I can remember. It was glorious. My workout was a total of almost 5 hrs. And I felt..fine. Great. The ride was good and the run was easy! So comforting....
This has been happening to me a lot lately. I conquer big long workouts and am basically fine after. Endurance. I have endurance. This is what I will need in um....19 days. 19 days???? HOw did this happen?? That is NO TIME AT aLL!!!!

The lists are started. The bike tune up is scheduled. The outfits are planned.

Tomorrow is a big day. A big long day of swimbikerun. Then, the work is done. I have done it. I have trained for an Ironman. All that's the fun part.
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